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    I have a 2006 with 125,000

    I have a 2006 with 125,000 miles on it and get 50-52 MPG and have never had this problem. I got the letter and my dealer said it doesn't apply to my car...i think he's wrong, but I intend to ignore it unless a problem arises. The letter says the upgrade is good tilll 2013...seems odd.

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    Just to add to the many

    Just to add to the many similar complaints of others, my wife and I have a 2007 Civic hybrid which got a consistent 45+ MPG for the first year when purchased new. As time progressed I have been watching the mileage drop further and further to the point where we get about 32-34MPG on the highway. We replaced tires with OEM tires so that should not be a factor.

    The other obvious change is with cold weather - our MPG will drop into the high 20's.

    We purchased the car for mpg and coming from a family of hondas (6+ cars between ourselves and our siblings), it will be a tough sell for any of us to purchase one again.

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    I have taken my car to the

    I have taken my car to the dealer twice about this issue - first time they told me "no problem" it will re-charge. Second time I was nearly killed trying to merge onto the highway because really you could peddle quicker when the IMA is not working. It is dangerous.

    Then last week I received a letter that seem to indicate two things that look like huge lawsuits - one the heat is destroying the battery and secondly, the car's software update will ultimately have to affect mileage because the car's engine restarts sooner. Mine did not today - I noticed that the "level bars" did not stay longer in the middle - instead it seemed to drain as it always did leaving me with no power, two tiny bars and my mileage has dropped below 30 MPG since I picked the car back up (this is start and stop driving). The car showed a fully charged (less one bar) when I got in - went two miles or less and poof the bars are gone. What exactly did this software update do?

    And here's the great thing - the technician today tried to sell me an extended warranty for 1600-2500 dollars. Sorry I am not buying anything to cover this car. I will sue first and sure hope someone does. I hate lawsuits but I have been to the dealer about this and they ignored me which could have resulted in a horrid accident.

    Regarding the window issue, that is a known problem and mine was fixed for free. I am holding onto my letter and my work order from today. I hope someone does something and I too question why Honda is not being called to task for this. In face, the letter does not even call this a "recall," though the Honda dealer did.

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    I own a 2003 HCH and have

    I own a 2003 HCH and have had a few problems with it similar to the ones listed (i.e. catalytic converter, IMA light, and check-engine light). A mechanic from Honda mentioned the use of Seafoam to blow the soot from the catalytic converter. While this did not work for me, I did realize that the converter problem was related to the cold IN winter. My check-engine light was related to the catalytic converter issue. Now, my IMA light came on and I had to take my car to the local Honda dealership. I was told that an update was applied and that if said update did not fix the problem, I will have to replace my IMA battery for the much loved price of $3000. While my IMA light is no longer visible, the check-engine light is now lit. I am hoping that all my problems will be solved when this 100 degree IN weather cools. I will try to keep you all posted when/if these problems are resolved.

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    Honda to Fix Battery

    Honda to Fix Battery Software in 90,000 Civic Hybrids
    Honda to fix software flaw that affects battery life on Civic Hybrid

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    I did the most recent IMA

    I did the most recent IMA computer upgrade, and immediately got 15 MPG improvement in town ( 33 to 48) If this improvement does not prove to be false I will be very pleased. Too bad it took 3 years to get around to fixing it.

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    How old was the car when you

    How old was the car when you had the battery pack changed? I have an insight 200 vintage and didn't have any trouble getting mine replaced at 113,000 miles, they used to only do the southern states, but changed it later to nationwide coverage. I was going to buy a used civic, but now I'm having second thoughts!

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    2005 HCH IMA light came on

    2005 HCH IMA light came on at 100K. Dealership wants to charge 4,200 to replace battery.

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    I took my 2007 HCH with

    I took my 2007 HCH with 38000 miles to the dealer for the software udate a week ago. Prior to the update I had no problems or complaints with my car. I loved it. Just the right combination of mileage, 41 mpg avg with adequate power. After this update my mileage has dropped to 35.5 avg with a noticeable loss of power. Basically, the update has placed more burden on the very small gas engine to power the vehicle with much less assist from the electric motor than before the update. Battery does not charge as high a level as before and rarely drops the batter below 4 bars. At 4 bars the electric assist is unpredictable, sometime working and sometimes stopping the assist at the worst times, like in the middle of passing or on a highway on ramp. Try getting up to speed on a highway on ramp with the small gas motor. Won't happen without the assist. To me, a safety hazard. When the battery does drop to 3 bars the assist will not engage at all and the auto stop does not work. The electric assist function would work fully down to, but not including 1 bar prior to the update. I don't like my car anymore and my wife is now afraid to drive it, thanks to Hondas battery saving update. Honda has turned my HCH into a standard under powered Civic. I paid an extra $5000. for the hybrid feature. I go back to the dealer next week for the third time for them to road test it per Hondas request. Dealer has forwarned me that he will only road test it, take notes and report his finding back to Honda. If I could do it over I would not allow the dealer to put in the software update. Nothing good will come from it except, Honda will extend the battery life until the warranty expires and you will have to pay for the inadequate battery setup replacement!!

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    I hope a class action suit

    I hope a class action suit happens. I'm in

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