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    JULIE, we have an '04 HCH

    JULIE, we have an '04 HCH here in AZ, too, and had the emissions testing issue. Have your shop reset the code, and then take it right down for the testing. I think the shop said the code will come back on within about 20 miles or so. It worked for us, and I hope it will for you, too!

    EVERYONE, I am trying to verify where the warranty on the IMA was extended to 150,000. I have found definitive info that it was for Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada and Texas for 2001-04 Insights. I have read un-supported reports that it was extended for HCH's in CA and 12 other states.

    Does ANYONE have a link to info about the (possible) extension? THANKS!!!

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    I've got a 2008 HCH. It

    I've got a 2008 HCH. It started exhibiting this problem last summer but I thought nothing of it because it only happened once. This summer it's happening once or twice a week. It's more of an annoyance than anything, as I'm still getting over 40MPG on average -- on this tank I have averaged 43.8MPG so far over the past 140 miles.

    I drove from Chicago to Nashville in late May and, had I filled up the tank before I left home, I probably would have made it on one tank with the fuel economy I was getting. I averaged 49.6MPG between Chicago and Fort Knox via I-65.

    So ... I'm definitely getting the mileage I expect, but I also want to get rid of the annoyance of slow acceleration every now and then.

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    I have a 2007 Civic Hybrid

    I have a 2007 Civic Hybrid which I purchased new in July of 2007. The car now has just over 20K miles on it. Until this Spring with one exception, the car has given flawless service, the one exception being an incident where the Charge Level Indicator went rapidly from 6 bars to 1 bar and the Assist and Autostop were disabled. This lasted a few moments and did not re-occur until this May. The car was dealer serviced, some software updates performed, and the problem noted into the car's records. This issue is now happening on a daily basis, with no discernible pattern, totally at random. No error codes have been generated and my dealer, in all good faith, I honestly think is as puzzled as I am. The problem is that whereas the car as given a rock solid 40-41 MPG in combined driving until this spring, it is now down to 38 MPG cumulative and current tanks are averaging 32 MPG. The scariest part is the thought of pulling out to make a pass and having no assist; this car will just about not pass anything else without the assist functioning.

    Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions. The car is going back to the dealer next week ( they are giving me a loaner) and the Service Manager is going to drive it himself to see if he can make it misbehave.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I searched the net for civic

    I searched the net for civic hybrid problems and came across this forum. Interesting.

    I have a 09 hybrid in Malaysia (import model from Japan) since last April. Initially, it was kind of fun to drive but the the mileage was real disappointing (11 to 12 km/l for city driving and 18 to 19 km/l for highways). The battery gets depleted very quickly under hot weather and under heavy traffic. That is when it gets frustrating and heart stopping the assist doesn't kick in during overtaking.
    This is nothing compared to what I just experienced last wednesday.
    I had a sudden loss of power - the engine does not rev, the assist does not kick in and the car just rolled along...the thing just went dead. I could have been whacked real bad from behind or from the side. It scared the shit out of me.
    I had the car towed to the local Honda service and it took 2 days to fix it after consulting Honda tech line. The service centre could not explain to me what was wrong..just some crap like the setting just run and we reset the settings, could have been caused by some short-circuit...just total BS. From their service description :
    1. Adjust tappet, reset ecm pcm carry out P.U.D update
    2. reset settings
    IMA motor MXJ060 to MXJ07
    IMA Battery MXJ210 to MXJ230
    PGM-FI MXZ040 to MXZ050

    This is a real safety issue and I intend to take action...can anyone of you tell me what these settings are.
    If this is a product update then this is a known issue and the owner needs to have been informed fo this safety isssue.


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    I have a 2003 model and I

    I have a 2003 model and I have the same issues with the IMA battery! Of course I bought mine used and don't qualify for the current class action. Not that I would reinvest in a Honda anyhow but, My repair man which seems to be more knowledgeable then the Honda dealership did say that it has a problem with the trunk getting too hot and that Honda recommends that the car not be painted in a spray booth that reaches OVER 150 degrees.. So in the hot sun our cars bake and internally the trunk has a very easy time reaching that temp if not higher which shows the depletion in the battery. My dealer told me I needed a a/c compressor for $814 but, no promise that it would fix the problem. I have a standard and appear to still be getting my 44mpg which is what I was getting from the beginning (I was under the impression that it was supposed to be more than that) I am screwed as my trade in value is bare min. since my husband backed into our basketball hoop and completely dented my rear bumper. So I am trying to cope and deal someone email me if they find a solution... (There is a fan behind the right side of the trunks panels mine is working are yours?)

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    I have a 2008 HCH and live

    I have a 2008 HCH and live in Oklahoma. I got around 42 mpg for the first 20-25K miles. Since last summer, I have been experiencing the same problems described on this site, the battery life will totally deplete in 15 seconds. Over the last 15K I have gotten 37 mpg and the last 5K this summer is at 31 mpg. There is a problem and someone needs to fix it.

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    Problems with the IMA

    Problems with the IMA battery draining could be due to faulty AC Relay Switch - on the surface it does not appear to be logical but does appear to be a real problem. See the posts on the following link:


    The problem is difficult to diagnose but the beauty is it is a cheap fix. I corrected my problem by replace the relay for $10/

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    If the IMA battery died, can

    If the IMA battery died, can the Civic Hybrid run on the regular battery? Does the IMA battery has to be replaced?

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    After the IMA battery died,

    After the IMA battery died, can the Civic Hybrid run on the regular battery? Does the IMA battery have to be replaced?

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    The car will run using the

    The car will run using the engine, but there will be no assist from the electric motor. That means much reduced acceleration, general performance, and gas mileage. The bottom line is that you will ultimately have to replace the IMA battery.

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