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    Am having the same problem when parked in the heat for a length of time. IMA battery goes down to 1 bar on display and motor loses power, IMA then fails to assist. Seems to be happening more frequently now.

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    2009 Honda Civic Hybrid battery

    2 days ago I bought a rebuilt 2009 HCH with 28,400 miles. I had no idea the IMA battery problem was so prevalent when I bought it. I owned a 2005 HCH until 1-10-14 when it was totaled and had no problem with the IMA battery after 144, 000 mile except mileage went down to 40 mpg.
    does anyone know if a rebuilt HCH is still eligible for the 80,000 miles/8 yr warranty?

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    2007 Honda Civic Hyrbid 107,000 miles in Florida

    Ok, so I had my IMA light come on on my 2007 Honda Civic Hyrbid 107,000 miles (I\'m in Florida btw). I went to the dealer and was originally quoted $3300 to replace it. I spoke with the Corporate Honda and they offered to pay 75% of the cost (I pay roughly $700).. Is there anyone else in Florida that is in a similar situation? just trying to figure out if that price is what others are being offered also? They told me the warranty was extended to 92,000 miles and i\'m just out of that... Is that information accurrate? I\'ve read so many different statements online about this and no real clear information

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