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    I have a 2003 Honda Civic

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid and before I bought it the sales people and websites touted that the battery was tested to 150,000 miles. Well at 80,500 it went out. Luckily, with the class action lawsuit I received a new battery for free. However, I noticed it wasn't showing a full charge like my original battery did but the dealership said that once driven it will show a full battery. Well here I am 23,000 miles later and the battery has gone out again. Now, I live in VA so it doesn't get extremely cold or hot in fact it was just sitting at the airport parking lot for 4 days when I jumped in and had the IMA, Battery and Engine light come on. They now want $3600 to replace the battery that was only 23,000 miles old. Now that is outrageous. But to top it off, I don't think that will fix the problem, I think due to it not having a full charge the first time and it only lasting a short time both times I seriously thinking Honda is missing something else. I will sell after getting this resolved hopefully in my behalf and then move away from honda and buy another Toyota which I have been very happy with and it has over 100,000 miles with no major or even minor issues. Go Toyota, run from Honda Hybrids.

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    Just started with the IMA

    Just started with the IMA light coming on my 2003 HCH. Dealer wants $500 to 'diagnose' the problem. If it needs a new IMA battery, another $1700 plus labor to install. Also had toi replace 4 catalytic converters at around $1000 each. My advice, don't buy an HCH.

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    I have a 2007 HCH I have

    I have a 2007 HCH I have never got the gas mileage Honda said I would get, I really have not had any other problems, I guess I'm lucky. I do know theirs a special tire that needs to be put on the HCH to get any mileage at all. and this would be city 38 to 40.

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    Have a 2006 Honda Civic

    Have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid, same issue. 32K miles. IMA came on about a month ago. Took it in to a repair shop. They read off a code for the battery but weren't sure what the issue was. Reset the IMA light. In the meantime, I start having the same issue with my driver's side window. Seems to get off track. Not a real problem, just need to take it up and down a few times before getting it to go all the way up. A week or two later, the light comes on again. Find out it's the main battery. Have it replaced as it's under warranty. Seems to be fine now. But, we'll see over the upcoming months.

    Just surprised the battery seemed to die out so fast given I was told when I bought the car that it was rated to last 12 years.

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    are the brakes applied when

    are the brakes applied when you are turning the steering wheel? cause if it is this is a normal noise you are hearing. have you tried to apply the e-brake and turning the steering wheel to see if you still hear the noise?

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    I've never achieved great

    I've never achieved great mileage with this car, but averaged about 40 mpg for the first 40K. Since then, my mileage has dropped to about 36 mpg. Every morning my battery drops to 1 bar. I have the extended warranty, but have not reid to have the battery replaced yet. It seems likes I should let it die first.

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    I have a 06 hch I bought

    I have a 06 hch I bought just two months ago. The sellsman told me the car would get 40+ miles per gallon. It would get about 40 to 42 hwy when I got it but driving in the city would get me about 30 to 31. I took it in and the service shop reflashed my computer, which didn't fix it. I kept on telling them there was a problem but they just told me it was my "aggressive driving" and I needed to do a fuel comsumption test, which is where they take your car and drive it for about 70 miles and back with one of there mechanics. I didn't have a chance since I was moving but since I've bought it the mpgs have gone down to 30 to 32 and it makes an aweful grinding noise in the morning when I first get in it to go to work. Just yesterday my IMA light and check engine light came on, but today my IMA light went off but i still have a check engine light on. I will never buy another honda product this has been nothing but frustration.

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    2003 HCH. IMA battery out

    2003 HCH. IMA battery out at 103,000 miles with the local dealer's (Vidmar Honda Pueblo Colorado) usual 3000 dollar estimate to repair. They did graciously offer to give us $500 trade in for it on a new Honda! The car has always gotten good gas mileage and all charging/discharging indications are good. It's just those pesky codes lighting the IMA and check engine lights. Is there really any legal action being taken against Honda? I've been a loyal Honda fan for years (both cars and bikes) but this is really inexcusable.

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    Have you guys tried the TSB

    Have you guys tried the TSB 09-058 software update for the HCH-II. It's supposed to apply to all Civic Hybrids with model years 2006-2008.

    The software update fixed my problem, and the car drives very differently now.

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