I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid and before I bought it the sales people and websites touted that the battery was tested to 150,000 miles. Well at 80,500 it went out. Luckily, with the class action lawsuit I received a new battery for free. However, I noticed it wasn't showing a full charge like my original battery did but the dealership said that once driven it will show a full battery. Well here I am 23,000 miles later and the battery has gone out again. Now, I live in VA so it doesn't get extremely cold or hot in fact it was just sitting at the airport parking lot for 4 days when I jumped in and had the IMA, Battery and Engine light come on. They now want $3600 to replace the battery that was only 23,000 miles old. Now that is outrageous. But to top it off, I don't think that will fix the problem, I think due to it not having a full charge the first time and it only lasting a short time both times I seriously thinking Honda is missing something else. I will sell after getting this resolved hopefully in my behalf and then move away from honda and buy another Toyota which I have been very happy with and it has over 100,000 miles with no major or even minor issues. Go Toyota, run from Honda Hybrids.