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    I bought a used 2003 Civic

    I bought a used 2003 Civic Hybird that had only 37000 miles on it from a dealer 150 miles from where I live. I took the car into Ed Morse Honda in So Fl for service and had them do the 36000 mile service since I did not know if it had been done. 3000 miles later I noticed my battery would loose 50% of its charge just sitting over night. I took the car back to Ed Morse and 3 days later they had a new battery in my car at no charge. These batteries have an 80,000 mile warranty so any dealer should take care of the problem. I was very pleased.

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    I am having the same problem

    I am having the same problem with 2007 Civic hybrid. My dealership told me that they don't change out batteries, they simply update codes/instructions for these batteries. They supposedly did this updating to my battery, but I'm still having the problem.

    I almost got killed this summer as I was driving up a mountain road with semi trucks behind me - and my car could not give itself power.

    I live in NC and my battery loses all power just sitting in a parking lot.

    Otherwise, my car (and the dealership) have been fine.

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    Sorry to say this but is it

    Sorry to say this but is it a relief to see im not the only one!! My car is a 2003 civic and does the EXACT same things!! i thought i was jus hard on my car! I brought my car to the dealership several times complaining about the problem and they kept telling me they didnt see a problem and NOW THAT IM OUT OF WARRENTY they decide to tell me i need to replace the battery for like $3000?!?!

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    Update for all of you

    Update for all of you following Honda Love Gone Bad story... Still in "mediation" with Honda Corporate. Their original offer to buy my car back was insulting... I still would have lost over $7,000 so am letting our attorney handle more discussions. In case you are wondering, I've been without full use of the car since April 2009. It has been parked in place at dealership since July 2009 as nobody can drive it. But I still get to pay taxes, tags, and insurance on it though!!!! What a complete waste of money.

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    Ashley: You did a great job

    You did a great job on the video and having your voice heard when against Honda, one of the giant corporations.

    I am also a HCH II (2007 Civic Hybrid) owner, and ever since the first day I purchased my car my MPG can never go above 40MPG. I used to blame it on my little aggressive driving behavior (I do tend to accelerate) and my residential location in which you have to drive a few uphills (I know gas consumption is crazy driving uphills). Not until now did I realize that perhaps it is Honda who's to blame? My average is from 32-34MPG after two years of ownership.

    One thing worth to notice is that, within few months after I acquired my HCH II, one night I went to pick up my friend from the airport, and on the way home, the car actually became not drivable. What happened was that the engine just revved when pressing the gas but didn't seem to accelerate; instead it was losing power. The car also had some jitter. In the end, I was forced to pull over the car on the highway shoulder, and turned off the engine completely. After waiting a few minutes, I restarted the engine and the problem went away.

    That weekend I brought in my car to the nearest dealership for inspection but no problem was found. I felt like a ghost was possessing my car! However, ever since that night, I put around 50k miles more on my car up to today and this engine problem never occurs again.

    Overall, the two year ownership of my HCH II has been OK. Besides the "haunting" story I mentioned above and my less-than-advertised-MPG, the only problem I really have with the car is the driver side roll-up window which seems to roll up off track when the car starts up cold (http://www.greenhybrid.com/discuss/f...50/index3.html) and the window would bounce back and not close. Dealer couldn't find any problem (like always) with it and my work-around is to pound on my window to "realign" the rolling up during the roll-up.

    I also believe that Honda never patiently listens to their customer's complaints and concerns, and the only way to catch their attention is to do your homework and present them with legal obligation. I used to own a 99 Accord Coupe and my transmission had this intermittent jitter that could not be diagnosed at the dealerships. Finally I waited for the car to have the transmission problem coming up more and more often and I drove to the dealership to demand the service manager to take the ride with me right away. The manager refused at first until I mentioned about the safety issue and all the possible scenarios if things do go wrong, etc. In the end, Honda replaced the entire transmission under my extended warranty. How long did it take me to fix the problem on my Accord? It took me 60k miles (3 years) of waiting. I encourage you to continue to pursue the justification, and you have m support if you are going for a class action lawsuit. Good luck!


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    We purchased a 2006 HCH new

    We purchased a 2006 HCH new Oct. 2006. At the end of last month (Sept. 2009) the IMA battery light came on. Mileage dropped. Honda dealer replaced IMA battery. Before replacement we were getting 45-48 mpg. After new IMA battery it dropped to 40-41 mpg with erratic behavior. The car has 28600 miles on it. We live in Florida. I googled 2006 HCH IMA problems. Saw the writing on the wall, and traded it for a new Civic EXL a couple days ago. I figure we saved quite a bit of money by dumping it now rather than keeping it with the warranty. Sooner or later the warranty is gone and if not fixed, the same IMA problems will be there...money out of my pocket. Defeats the whole purpose of the hybrid concept.
    As a side note, I went to 5 different Honda dealers in the Tampabay area and not one of them had a HCH and didn't know when or if they would get one. An interesting piece of data coupled with the HCH IMA problems.
    One more thing....the dealer service guy told me in the last calendar year they ONLY had to replace 9 IMA batteries....one dealer. He made it sound like this was a good statistic. It was an optimistic comment from his point of view. Does Honda know something we don't know????

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    Interesting comments. I live

    Interesting comments. I live in Arkansas and own a 2005 HCH. Luckily, I have not had any problems, except the occasional lurches when decelerating. My dealership always tries to push the high dollar service on me. Reading your posts have made me worry about my future battery life. I don't have the money to replace it later, but I do love my car. My mpg has increased to 45, as long as I am not using the AC, but I wonder how long this will last. I also have heard that Honda has discontinued making the HCH, probably due to these problems. I assume the new Insight is taking its place. Guess I need to research other brands of hybrids before I actually need one. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Moto: I've been having a


    I've been having a similar issue with my drivers side window as well. I finally took it to the dealer yesterday. They said it's a know manufacturing defect, but the repair would be $500+. Thankfully I had the Honda Care extended warranty - I'm at 39k on a 2008 model. So the warranty will pay to replace the channel and regulator, but not the glass! They said they need to replace the glass because the one installed was too small for the correct channel. I am trying to get Honda regional to authorize it, but haven't had any luck as yet. I'll keep you posted if they decide to pay for the glass since that is their fault as well!

    Besides that, haven't had any battery problems like the rest of you are talking about. Did have to replace all four tires at 30k and the MPG dropped about 10% with the new tires, but I'm back up to about 43 MPG which is just a couple MPG below what I was previously getting. THese Michelin tires are significantly better, though, than the Continental trash that was original equipment.

    Thanks all.

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    Umm... Lemon Law? I have a

    Umm... Lemon Law? I have a 2008 HCH and it hasn't had any of these problems. I get 500+miles per 10.2 gallons. I live in Washington State and had no problems when it was hot this past summer. This is scary! Thanks for the posts!

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    I have a 2006 HCH and the

    I have a 2006 HCH and the IMA battery light came on a few days ago. I brought it to the dealership and of course it has to be replaced. Luckily I have the extended warranty which covers it. I am however worried that when my warranty is up in 3 years that I will be having to replace the IMA battery again. Before I purchased the car I was told that the battery should last 7 to 8 years. I dont think I would have bought the car had I known Id be replacing a battery that costs @ $3000 every 3 to 4 years. I live in south louisiana, so it does get hot and humid. I also have that same exact problem with my drivers side window. It does not happen all of the time though. Strange.

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