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    Civic Hybrid Battery IMA Problems

    I have a 2007 HCH with 34,000 miles that has become unpredicable, unreliable and unsafe - and Honda knows about the problem but chooses not to fix it. The battery, especially after being in the heat, suddenly drops to no or one bar and the battery stops providing any assistance and won't charge properly either.

    I can only guess it would cost too much to replace the battery and they have made a business decision not to fix my car. My car is driven in Florida, and as other posts here note, the batteries seem to be damaged by our summertime heat (I note the new Prius has a little solar panel that drives a small fan to keep the cabin (and battery pack?) cooler than the 100+ a car quickly heats to when parked in the Florida sun).

    My local Honda Service Manager has told me this is a known problem and Honda doesn't know how to fix. He went on to say how frustrated he is because he has already lost three customers due to the problem. He also told me that he is not allowed to order me a new battery, even if he wanted to, without American Honda approval. He suggested there was nothing else he could do and I should contract American Honda Customer Service, which I did. They did not call me back for over a week and when they did, they asked for a couple of days more since they needed to talk to the dealer. Customer Service?

    Does anyone know of a fix?

    Has anyone who's had this problem had is satisfactorly dealt with by American Honda?

    Does anyone know of a good class action lawyer.


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    I dont know man but if you

    I dont know man but if you file a class action suit i'd be there. i live in washington state where we don't get hot very often except we got a little hot this summer for about a week and my battery couldn't keep a charge. Also my car doesn't maintain above 36 mpg even when im driving like a grandma and drifting and barely accelerating Honda didn't care to try and find where the issue is, and also there has been a creaking sound coming from the front of the car when turning the wheel, believe it or not they told me this is normal and refused to fix it because it didn't pop up on they're computer test. My battery also fails to hold charges randomnly on perfectly moderate temperature days i drive the same make and model as your car.

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    I have a 2007 honda civic

    I have a 2007 honda civic and is currently having the same problem. The car couldn't maintain 32 mpg while it use to get 40+mpg. Honda doesn't know how to fix it and refuse to address the problem. All the can do is logging the case the passing me around with different people within their customer service department. Let's know if there's a class action lawsuit. I'm in.

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    Am having the same problem

    Am having the same problem when parked in the heat for a length of time. IMA battery goes down to 1 bar on display and motor loses power, IMA then fails to assist. Seems to be happening more frequently now. I have @ 26,000 miles on the car. The dealer finds nothing wrong when hooking car up to computer diagnostics. Found something from another website suggesting that the 2007 models have had trouble with rotor motor assist (defective?). Will this be something to have to deal with every 20-30,000 miles?

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    Hi to all of you... I have

    Hi to all of you... I have this same EXACT problem and live in KS where it doesn't even get that hot or humid, but still my 2006 hybrid fails whenever it's hot outside and I'm idling at a stoplight. I've had so much trouble with American Honda and the dealership, that I've hired an attorney to help with this, but even he is having trouble with American Honda. My car has been labeled as "irreparable" by Honda but they have not offered to honor the factory warranty that the car is still under nor have the come up with a "fix" to the problem. I've been without my car since early July and have had to drive a loaner. How much money have I lost so far? Only about $25,000. Honda is not the car company they once were. My '98 civic with 150,000 still going strong. Wish they'd get back to what they used to be good at... making dependable cars.

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    Oh, I made a video about

    Oh, I made a video about this problem and posted it on YouTube and here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMhQFgE60cM Or you can go to YouTube and search for "Honda Love Gone Bad"

    And a class action suit is a great idea. I'd be interested...

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    I live in Los

    I live in Los Angeles/Riverside, and it gets pretty warm in the summers (high 90's/low 100's). I have about 75k miles on my HCH and it has started to do this as well. I have found that is occurs significantly less when I give the engine a good chance to warm up. In the non-summer months, i almost never have this problem, but that heat is a killer on the battery.

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    Uh Oh. My 2007 Honda just

    Uh Oh. My 2007 Honda just started to do that in the past couple of weeks and I haven't yet had an appointment to deal with it. Its MPG has been lower recently, too. I just recently had it in for scheduled maintenance and an oil change, and I had been wondering if that might have triggered a problem but it sounds like this could be just the beginning of something worse. Isn't the battery covered for 3 years, though, if we want to demand that that be replaced... have any of you don that? I suppose it won't take care of the problem is with "rotor motor assist" as someone above said, but I wonder if it helps....
    I have LOVED this car up to this point-- I hope American Honda will step up and fix it (but otherwise count me in on a class action suit)!

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    I was thinking about buying

    I was thinking about buying a hybrid and decided to do research on battery life. I am sorry to here about the problems you all are having but rest assured I am taking it to heart and will not be buying a Honda hybrid. I hope you are able to get Honda to honor their warranty. Thanks for the heads up.

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    ditto to Doug. Was on my way

    ditto to Doug. Was on my way to look at an HCH. Won't now.

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