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    2003 Hybrid IMA battery questions

    Hey all, I have read through many, many long threads on the IMA batteries but haven\\'t seen the exact scenario that we are dealing with, so I thought I\\'d ask and hopefully get some feedback.

    Ok-- background 2003 hybrid, bought brand new in NH by my mom\\'s inlaws. They put 12k miles on it (over about 4 years) and then my mom and stepdad inherited the vehicle. Brought to AL. Mom drove it for a few years and then the battery was replaced (at 7yrs) Car now has about 95k miles on it and has been meticulously maintained at the dealer. Mom only drives it to and from work (about 40 miles per day). Otherwise they drive another vehicle.

    Now for the issue-- Over Thanksgiving break the car sat or about 5 days, and when it was cranked again the IMA light came on. They took it in to the dealer and they told them the battery was starting to go, but it was fine to drive. She drove it from then until Christmas break. Over Christmas it sat or 10 days without being driven. It cranked but was sluggish. She left home and got about 5 miles on the interstate before losing all power, including power steering. Thankfully she was able to coast off the interstate safely. She went and bought a new car that afternoon, and now the Hybrid is just sitting at her house. oh, the \\\"new\\\" battery that the dealer replaced is right around 3 yrs old. Oh, and the 12v was replaced last year.

    My questions are these-- 1) could the battery issue be caused by sitting? 2)Is it something that could be reversible or is it permanent? 3) Is the IMA battery completely dead (ie has to be replaced before the vehicle can be driven?) 4) I feel like this is a huge safety issue that should be pursued with the dealer-- what say you? She has offered to give the vehicle to me if I want to deal with the issues. If the only recourse is to put a 3k battery in, then it doesn\\'t really seem worthwhile, but if there are other options, then it is a great car that has been incredibly well maintained.

    Thanks in advance or your assistance!
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