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    Tires-old subject with new twist

    I'm on my second civic hybrid (total miiles between the two of about 270K) and have gotten amazing results by increasing tire pressure to around 40 psi. I have run on Firestone Affinity LH-30's (not the Affinity touring). The tires were good in snow (I live in Wisconsin), relatively light to improve mileage (improved my mileage 15-20% at 40 psi despite using the 16" wheels from a Civic EX), were very comfortable, lasted forever (about 70K miles), and were low-cost.

    Sadly, Firestone has discontinued the LH-30, so I had to pick a new tire this time. After considerable research, I decided to go with the Yokohama Avid Touring-S (not the Touring). The tire is relatively light (21 lbs. in my size; a non-civic owner even recently commented that he suspects they are low-rolling resistance tires because they increased his mileage dramatically), rated for long wear, and are projected to be good in ice and snow. It is also a very low-cost tire.

    And now I just noticed that the maximum tire pressure for the Touring-S is 51 PSI, which is way above what I was used to with the LH-30's! So I am now faced with the decision (or opportunity) to stick at 40 PSI as I have in the past or push it a little further (given the Touring-S's higher max pressure) to get even better gas mileage and snow/ice traction while hopefully not affecting tire wear.

    Anybody have any insight (no pun intended) or thoughts about this? Thanks in advance.

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    The car does not care what

    The car does not care what the tire pressure is, I would try the max on the sidewall and see if it is to uncomfortable. If it is lower it until the car rides the way you like


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