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    2005 Civic - awful mileage

    Need some help here, this summer I have been lucky to get 32 MPG, according to the dash display. I haven't actually tested that at the pump, but I know I've been filling up more frequently.

    I have free oil changes at my non-honda dealer, and they claim to have been using 5w20. I use the A/C, but the poor mileage persists even at night when it is off. I am about 50/50 Highway and City, and most certainly am not an agressive driver. I bought the care in 2007, and I was getting low to mid-40's. It seems to have been degrading ever since I bought it.

    I put new tires on about a year ago (Pirelli P4s). I keep them inflated to around 30-35 PSI. Oil changes every 8K miles. New Air filter in the last 6 months. Only repair has been the CVT judder burnishing about 2 months ago, and I was pretty badly rearended about a month after purchase. What to do?

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    I would certainly have the

    I would certainly have the wheel alignment checked. The rear-end collision most likely has your rear wheels fighting each other. The damage may not have been repaired properly and the alignment could actually worsen over time.

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