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    30000 mile service cost

    What is a reasonable amount to pay for "standard" 30000 mile service on my 2006 Civic Hybrid?
    I asked the internet before I took my car in today. The internet said expect it to cost $350. I was charged $523. $183 for parts, $320 for labor (plus tax) at Honda of Santa Monica.
    This was shocking. I guess $50 over the internet research wouldn't have surprised me but $173 certainly did!

    I think I need to find another place service my my hybrid. Any advice about how to shop for a quality garage for hybrids?

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    As outlined in the Owners

    As outlined in the Owners Manual, the '06 Civic Hybrid has it's service items and intervals set by a built-in dash-display Maintenance Minder. It starts off at 100% and gradually counts down. At 15% it will start showing a reminder every time you start the car, with codes corresponding to the required maintenance, as explained in the Owners manual.

    Hopefully you have this manual: if you got the car used you might not have. It is possible to order replacement manuals. Post back if you don't have one, I have some references.

    The Maintenance Minder concept is somewhat new for Honda. In the past they published service schedules with time/mileage intervals and descriptions of what needed doing. Almost with out exception Honda dealerships modified (or threw out) those schedules.

    Invariably the dealerships replacement schedule had shorter service intervals, added items, and sometimes even got rid of items. To be kind, their reasoning was to better ensure your car was in top condition. To be cynical, they wanted to maximize profit and avoid difficult and unprofitable procedures.

    Bottom line: you are within your rights to just follow the Maintenance Minder schedule. Whoever is suggesting "standard 30000 mile service" to you is likely sticking with a schedule *they* invented.

    From your description no one can tell you if the cost was justified, it does not go into detail as to what was done. It might be a fair price, or not. But it does not sound promising that they make no mention of the Maintenance Minder service descriptions.

    I would bring the MM to their attention, say that you'd like to follow it, and watch their reaction. If they are not receptive, and are adamant that their schedule is better, approach another dealership if practical.

    Alternately, contact Honda directly, and/or mention to your current dealership that you are thinking of contacting Honda. This might get surprising results. Kind of like how everyone suddenly "remembers" the speed limit when there is a cop on the road

    Addendum: Ok, just had a read through Honda of Santa Monica's service page. They make mention of the Maintenance Minder, so hopefully they would be receptive to just sticking to that schedule. Still, it sounds like they are pushing their own schedule...

    And just to repeat: if you can post *specific* details from your bill (hopefully there are some details) as to what was done, ie: oil change, brake inspection, etc, you will get better feedback from readers.

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