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    If your out of your 3/36,000

    If your out of your 3/36,000 warranty it is not covered unless you have an extended warranty. I've heard you can buy OEM Ford parts over the internet much cheaper than the dealers and you can copy my instructions here on how to change it yourself or take it to a repair shop for an estimate. The $900 price is way out of line for a simple job of replacing the pump and coolant. There is not 5 hours of labor to this job!

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    I finally got my Ford back

    I finally got my Ford back after approx. 2 weeks (12 days total) in the shop. Most of that time was spent waiting on the battery cooling fan to be shipped from the east coast.

    The car is running a lot better, but it's still not perfect. I'm averaging approx. 31.8mpg which is lower than my normal 33-34mpg.

    Hopefully I just have to re-learn the car because it seems that all of the gas inputs are slightly different. Cruising at 65mph, for example, seems to be more efficient than my old 60mph and 45mph seems better than my old 40mph.

    I do feel, however, that the car has really poor mileage up until 10-15 mins into my normal commute. Then something seems to happen and the mpg's spike up.

    at least the car feels like there power is normal.

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