I am having a problem with my 2005 Ford HEV. The gas engine isn't shutting down and my MPGs drop like a stone to about 22mpg.

It seems to happen if I don't warm up the engine well or after 30 mins of driving.

I found a post with a similar story and thought I'd share it with everyone because it sounds like a problem that may happen often after approx. 50,000 miles.

It is probable that my "Electric Coolant Pump" or my "blend door acutator" has failed.

The Hybrid batteries are meant to be maintained at a specific temperature or they will overheat. The 'Electric Coolant Pump' is meant to keep the batteries at this temperature. The 'blend door actuator' controls a door that helps vent heat from the batteries to the outside air.

I'm not sure how I'll have these fixed since I've had a TON of problems getting my Ford dealer to even get a hybrid tech to LOOK at my car and because they won't provide a loaner or pay for a rental.

Here's a link to the posting that I found: