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Thread: PV Panel Usage

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    PV Panel Usage

    I have heard or read that the new Prius with the roof PV panel is strictly used to power either a fan or AC unit for cooling the car/batteries. Can anyone confirm this?

    I think the fact that your car's inside will be more comfortable even after sitting in the sun all day is great and I have read that keeping the batteries from over heating is important but I would imagine that some of the power can also be feed to the batteries from time to time as well.

    Anyone have details?

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    Yes its

    Yes its true.


    I've read that because the battery fans vent into the cabin of the car, its best if the cabin's temperature is in the 70s for proper operation of the hybrid system.

    I have a 2009, so I don't have the solar panels. On one hand I think they are a little frivolous seeing as they only power the AC. On the other hand, when I get in my car on a 100F day and I kick on the AC and it is running on max and I'm still driving in the city, my hybrid battery runs down really fast.

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