We're just beginning our hybrid hunt, so consider us new at this. We were doing a quick look-see at a Ford Fusion and the salesperson said in a grim voice, "Beware that you're going to have to replace the electric batteries every 4 years."

I guess we were supposed to faint and run to the non-hybrid model parked next to it.

Is there an on-line resource of sales myths and tricks we can review to just get past all this, or is this just the truth. Are we going to have to, indeed, replace the "batteries" every four years in all hybrids?

I looked at a Prius and you'dathunk I should have reimbursed the guy for his time. He wouldn't even discuss a trade in with me. He patronizingly conjectured I'd go for the basic model when, in fact, I was actually looking at a much higher package. Do these dealers want to sell these cars?