Hi Everyone,

I'm really concerned about how to get my 2005 Ford HEV's Hybrid systems serviced.

I've been to my local Ford dealer several times now and each time their ONLY Hybrid tech has not been there. He's also always backed up.

The dealer wanted me to leave my Ford HEV with them but wasn't able to tell me when it would even be diagnosed, let alone repaired.

I think this is TOTALLY unacceptable. There should always be someone who can diagnose the HEV's Hybrid systems. It's ridiculous to have to leave a car overnight and possibly longer than that to even get the car's Hybrid parts diagnosed.

The issue with my car was an engine overheat. That sounds like a REALLY bad thing. On top of all this, Ford no longer provides loaner vehicles for their customers.

So how would I be able to get to work without a car for the week or so that it could take to diagnose/fix my vehicle?

That's totally outrageous.

Any thoughts/suggestions/other experiences would be welcome.