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    Lawyers!-is this a case for

    Lawyers!-is this a case for a class-action lawsuit? This is a safety issue! AND HONDA HAS LOTS OF MONEY THAT THEY HAVE SAVED BY DOING US FORMERLY FAITHFUL HONDA OWNERS WRONG.

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    Having the same problem

    Having the same problem again-uneven wear and cupping- with the new tires (only 7,000 miles on them). I took the car to a Dunlop Rep to have the tires checked out and they are attributing the tire cupping to the shocks and front struts. Apparently at only 29,000 miles my struts and shocks are already worn. Opened a case with Honda about this and am going to a different dealership to have them checked.

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    I too own a 2008 Civic

    I too own a 2008 Civic Hybrd. Shortly after my second tire rotation I noticed the drive was much noisier and wearing, but chalked it up to lousy oem Dunlop tires. I brought my car in for an oil change recently to a great Honda/ Acura only private service center on Long Island and mentioned that one of my rear tires needed air. They said that my car shows symptoms described in the service bulletin for the rear upper control arm replacement.
    I have over 37,000 mi so I would be out of warranty, but I have Hondacare on the car so I will pursue it through warranty repair. My repair center printed me a copy of the service bulletin. There is a detailed prorate chart for tire reimbursement. If you have more than 25,000 mi you will get nothing back, under 12,000 mi with little tread wear, you could get 50-75% reimbursement toward the same oem tires that were on the car.
    I wouldn't put the oem Dunlop tires back on my car even if they were free, unless I immediately traded them in for other tires. I'm making an appointment for next week, so we'll see what happens. Regardless I am buying Michelin EnergySaver A/S tires. They seem to have a good review in TireRack and in the new Consumer Reports online. Currently Michelin is running a $70 rebate when you buy 4 Michelin tires. That will help offset the premium price for Michelins, but I find Michelin tires well worth it. I had Michelins on my previous two Acura Integras and curently on my Subaru Forester.

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    Honda Service Bulletin

    Honda Service Bulletin 08-001 February 8, 2008
    Applies to: 2006-2007 Civic 2-Door ALL Except Si and Honda Acessory HFP Package
    Civic 4-Door ALL Except Si
    Uneven or Rapid Tire Wear
    (Supercedes 08-001, dated January 22, 2008, to update the information marked by the black bars)

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    Hi, I have a 2007 Honda

    Hi, I have a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid and my rear tire issue has been a nightmare. I paid 500.00 to have rocker arms put on the rear of my car to stop the tires from rotating in. Honda said that would solve my problem with rear wheel chopping. NOT! I have spend 1500.00 in tire replacements. Long story. Today was the straw that broke the camels back. Took my car back as having the ol vibration again. Last time I replaced the tired I had Honda do it as they said they will monitor rotation etc. Well, guess what, took my car in because vibrating again and Honda tells me that basically sorry, you are out of luck. Nothing more we can do. About 10,000 miles after new tires I begin to experience vibration. I am going to get rid of this car and will not buy another Honda. I bough this car in hopes of putting on many, many miles. I paid the car off early because I did not want car payments, and now.... well.

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    2009 Honda Civic. $26000.00

    2009 Honda Civic. $26000.00 purchase. 6000 mile dealer tire rotation. At 8000 miles tire started cupping and making loud road noise. 12000 miles had Honda alignment & tires were rotated again. Problem is getting worse and driving the car is annoying. Will bring the car back again.

    Honda Civic is not worth the agrivation and future buyers should be aware of this problem as it has been mentioned on the web since 2006. Honda has made no strives to correct the problem it seems.

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    I brought my HCH 2008 today

    I brought my HCH 2008 today at Honda in Orlando, FL. I read almost all the blogs and discussions about the camber problems and rear tire cupping, and I just want to make sure that I am well informed about the situation before I go there. I approached the service specialist in a very polite manner informing her about my predicament. I also brought my laptop so that I can show it to them about the bulletin issued by Honda. The service specialist just took the bulletin number and type it in their system and voila!!! They acknowledge the problem, took the vehicle in, and did the job they needed to do! And to think I only came in there for consultation because prior to the visit, I already informed them about the problem 2-3 mos ago and they never even mentioned anything about the camber that it was a missing part to correct the issue. To make this story short, I finally got a sign of relief that hopefully my next set of tires will last much longer than the 25032 i got into this tires which is really bad and cupped already because of the problem (and i thought most new car tires comes w/ 36000 miles warranty or longer, i was wrong) Anyhow, all I needed to do now is to find the best priced dunlop tires I could find because we all know that buying from the dealership can sometimes be disappointing (why just can't they take care of their own so that they can have loyalty of the customers???).
    Hey, Honda is not a bad car. It has it flaws like any other vehicles out there. And besides, a lot of people are wanting to get their hands into any hybrid vehicles because of the gas prices lately and who knows until when. So if I were you, take care of your Honda hybrid, do your maintenance and do not neglect the vehicle. It takes two to tango, be an informed and responsible consumer, and befriend all you can in your dealership and they will take care of you. Adieu!!!

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    I just had my 2007 civic

    I just had my 2007 civic repaired for this issue. I originally replaced my tires at 35000 (I was surprised they were worn out already) and my car now has 75000 miles on it. HOWEVER i had bought 90000 mile tires because I planned on keeping this car for a very long time. Also let me mention about a month ago I had to have the engine block replaced due to it cracking. There was an extended warranty for this due to this happening to many civics. I just picked my car up today with the right and left rear arms replaced and the rear right shock as well. I have had cupping on my tires and they told me I had to replace those myself. I explained my extreme disappointment with this but they did not care. I have a 100,000 mile warranty therefore this work was all done for free. My husband had been driving this vehicle and he thought the noise was not a big deal. I plan to sell/trade the car the minute that warranty is up however it is disappointing to see there are others that are having this issue as well. My leverage has been I have a bumper to bumper warranty on my car and I don't intend on paying for anything other than my oil changes and filters and brakes and i guess tires for the second time! Otherwise I believe they would have given me the runaround and insisted I pay for the parts and labor for the repairs. This is my 4th Honda in a row to own. I just recently purchased another vehicle and it's a Kia. I don't know if I will be purchasing a Honda ever again. I believe they used to build very good cars but this past experience has not been a good one for me!!!!!!

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    Same problem with my

    Same problem with my 06...the rear control arm was replaced and it solved the problem. Bought a 2010 and going back to dealer with the same problem!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo upset, ugh! They never fixed the problem and keep on installing it in the new cars.
    Good luck !

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    Uh you guys realize there is

    Uh you guys realize there is a recall on this issue... for '06-'08 and 35K to 40 is about all you should expect out of OEM tires, actually thats real good

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