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    I have a 2008 HCH well and

    I have a 2008 HCH well and had the same problem at 22,000 miles. At first the dealership where I have my car serviced told me that my car was out of alignment and that was the cause of the excessive inner tire wear. They gave me the option of paying for a new set of tires and alignment or contact Honda of America, the reprepresentive at Honda was at first very rude, nasty even dissmissive and tried to blame me for the issue and did not want to help. BE VERY PERSISTENT with contacting the service manager at the dealership. I DID and they replaced my tires at no cost as well as the rear control arm of the car. I also received an alignment.

    I am now at 53,000 miles and 2 rotations in and the SAME ISSUE! WITH THE REAR TIRES! Now the dealer wants nothing to do with it, and wants me to pay for it, and I am NOT. This is a HONDA ISSUE! Every 20,000 miles will my tires need to be replaced.

    Like hell! I will trade this car first! PRICE HONDA in Dover, Delaware will remember me when this is all done and over with!

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    My Honda dealer told me

    My Honda dealer told me Accord rear control arms were on my 2006 Civic Hybrid. at 20K I needed new tires , I spoke my concern to Honda of America and they paid ( I had to provide the reciept ) for 4 new tires.

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    I have a 2004 accord with a

    I have a 2004 accord with a rear inside tire cupping problem too. Write me please if you get honda to acknoledge this problem! thanks!!!!!!!!!

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    My 2004 accord is cupping

    My 2004 accord is cupping bad! anyone else with 03 to 07 problem? Or is it just me?

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    My wife and I bought a 2007

    My wife and I bought a 2007 HCH and 2008 HCH. My car is the 2007 - it seemed to get louder and louder in the back, and I couldn't figure out why. I hadn't looked at the inner side of the tire in the back - but once I had my tires rotated the sound moved to the front of the car. I pulled over, turned my tires to the side and saw unbelievable cupping - I have owned Honda's for 20+ years and I have never had this type of issue. I am no saint when it comes to rotating tires, but I've never seen a tire cup like this. I've seen more wear on the inside of the front tires, but it is even wear, not cupping. I had never seen uneven wear on the inside of rear tires, until today - I didn't even know it was called cupping. So I promptly went to the internet and see that it is a common problem for the HCH. Damn - that is very un-Honda like. I thought it might just be the factory Dunlop tires, but it sounds like worse than that. My car has about 44K on it and hers about 26K - I'll be checking the 2008 rear tires tonight.

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    Just got off the phone with

    Just got off the phone with Honda of America - there is a service bulletin out for this issue of uneven tire wear on the inside of the rear tires that will produce a loud hum at higher speeds - the "corrective action" for the dealership is to install a new rear control arm - unfortunately my car is out of warranty, but my wife's is still in warranty. Her VIN number on the 2008 is still in the range of the cars that have this issue - they would not give me the range of VIN numbers - but it definitely spans 2007 to 2008 time periods. If most people don't notice this until their warranty expires, they are pretty much out of luck, and Honda gets off easy, unless people start dying from this problem, like the Explorer issue! It would make a nice news story to get Honda to make a recall. Hmmm...

    What I find interesting is that the service bulletin that the person read to me, but would not send me, specifically states that it is the rear tires. So if one was properly rotating their tires, it would seem that it would eventually affect both front and rear tires, yet their service bulletin only mentions the rear tires. So they obvioulsy have seen this enough to know that it is an issue and it is an issue with rear control arm. The dealership can still give you the run around, if you don't know that there is a service bulletin that addresses this.

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    I know that they wouldn't

    I know that they wouldn't send you the service bulletin but do you remember any of the specific wording from the bulletin? I bought my 2009 Civic in December 2008. We began hearing loud road noise and vibrations so we took it in to have it checked out. Car was at 23,000 miles. We were told that the rear tires were severly cupped and needed to be replaced. We replaced the tires and I returned home to do some research and found many forums discussing this same problem. I don't see a lot of posts about 2009 Civics but I bet that when those models start hitting the 20,000 mile mark we will begin to see a lot more. I am contacting the dealership tomorrow about this problem... let you know how it goes.

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    Well the dealership is

    Well the dealership is giving me the run-around (big surprise). They blame the premature tire wear on "the way I drive." Seems to me that if that was the problem I would have needed 4 new tires, not just two. I was expecting them to blame the entire problem on me, but I was not expecting their outright rudeness. Apparently Honda is forgoing any attempt at customer service. The dealership says that since no service bulletin has been put out for my car they can't do anything (they did check the rear control arm and said everything was fine). I just feel like by the time the service bulletin comes out for the 09 my car will be out of warrenty. I think I'm going to have my car checked my an independent shop, just to make sure they're not just completely lying to me.
    Also, another interesting note... Honda put the two new tires on the front of the car, not the rear. Apparently that is what Honda reccommends for front wheel drive cars. Why would Honda reccommend this when EVERY major tire manufacturer reccommends that the newest tires be placed on the rear axle? I had them correct the mistake.
    Contacting Honda of America now. Lets see if I can get any sort of assistance.

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    I too have a '07 HCH that

    I too have a '07 HCH that experienced the inner tread cupping issue with increasing roar in the rear. The first time this was noted was at 23K and I asked the dealer to balance and rotate tires. The roar just moved to the front with continued rough ride. After 5K, again asked for the rotation and balance. Again, the roar moved to the rear but ride improved. At 32K, again asked for rotation and balance that resulted in no improvement. Bought new tires at 33K. All of these services were performed while under warranty and after the service bulletin was released. Yet the dealer said nothing of the service bulletin during each of these services. New tires show cupping after 15K. After moving to new location and getting service at 47K, the new dealer identified the issue as the Upper COntrol Arms. I asked then to pay for the repair ,they refused as the warranty had expired, so I paid. While waiting I used by phone to search the web for this issue and the first result returned under google was the service bulletin. I showed this to the service manager who still refused to cover the repair. I now have a request with Honda of America to reimburse me for the cost of the upper control arms. I provided all repair records from the dealer who should have identified the issue (after bulletin was released) and the actual repair. Filed this last week, waiting to see if I get a check.

    To 09 Civic Owner, the link to the service bulletin is http://www.honda-tech.com/showthread.php?t=2225229 ...... see post number 6.

    I have owned Hondas for 28 years, will continue to own them, but their reputation is slipping when issues as this are handled poorly. As stated earlier, this how GM and Chrysler got to be in the shape they are in, poor customer service.

    If the replacement control arms do not correct the issue, I will sell and purchase an Accord.

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    Well, received a call from

    Well, received a call from Honda of America who reviewed my info (previous service requests while under warranty) and the decision is to reimburse me for the cost and labor to replace the upper control arms.

    My faith in Honda has been restored.

    Moral of story.....keep good records.

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