I have a 2008 HCH well and had the same problem at 22,000 miles. At first the dealership where I have my car serviced told me that my car was out of alignment and that was the cause of the excessive inner tire wear. They gave me the option of paying for a new set of tires and alignment or contact Honda of America, the reprepresentive at Honda was at first very rude, nasty even dissmissive and tried to blame me for the issue and did not want to help. BE VERY PERSISTENT with contacting the service manager at the dealership. I DID and they replaced my tires at no cost as well as the rear control arm of the car. I also received an alignment.

I am now at 53,000 miles and 2 rotations in and the SAME ISSUE! WITH THE REAR TIRES! Now the dealer wants nothing to do with it, and wants me to pay for it, and I am NOT. This is a HONDA ISSUE! Every 20,000 miles will my tires need to be replaced.

Like hell! I will trade this car first! PRICE HONDA in Dover, Delaware will remember me when this is all done and over with!