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    C Skjerven, I got the free

    C Skjerven, I got the free replacement tires by going through Honda of America and placing a complaint and ultimately the dealership verified that the rear control arm was the cause of the inner tire wear. I had 18,000 miles (approx 28,900 km) when my tires failed so you do not have many more miles/km's than mine.

    I have no real answer as to why I was provided cost free replacement and you have not. Though by going through other boards it appears that Honda is inconsistent in how it deals with this issue. I read where some lucky individuals like me get free replacements, some not quite as lucky as you get a cost reduction based upon use, while the completely unlucky are SOL. Perhaps it goes to which Honda manager one speaks with at corporate.

    My suggestion who be contact that individual again and complain that you read others with approximately equal tire use have received free replacements. They probably will act that you are lying but it is worth a try. Good luck with dealing with this issue. If you are like me this is driving you crazy thinking that you may be dealing with this issue in another 31,000 km. I have over 9,000 miles after my rear control arm was replaced and so far so good. However, others have had the same repair only for excessive inner tire wear to return.

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    I have a 2008 Honda Civic

    I have a 2008 Honda Civic LX. A rear tire went flat because of a nail so I took it to a tire dealer and had it plugged and I asked that they rotate the tires. They said that they would not because the rear tire was cupped badly and if they rotated it up front it would affect handling. They mentioned that cupping was caused by a bad shock/strut.

    I took it to the Honda dealer and originaly they tried the "you did not rotate the tire enough - it your fault" crap. I told them tire rotation had nothing to do with this problem. They aligned it for free telling me that civics have a problem with the way the factory sets the camber & tow (alignment) . They said it caused the tire to skip on the road causing the tire to cup. They said there was no problem with the shock/strut.

    I asked for a new tire and they said - no. It was not in their power to replace the tire. The alignment was all they were authorized to do. I just returned from getting quotes to replace both rear tires and even a cheap set is $200 not including align & balance.

    I will contact Honda America today to report this and ask for the tires to be replaced. This it the 1st Honda I've owned and part of the reason I purchased it was because of the quality they are know for.

    If they do not replace the tires, I will contact a lawyer.

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    One disappointing trend I

    One disappointing trend I see on this thread is that when dealerships are first confronted with cupped tires they automatically point the finger of fault at its customers or say the car is simply out of alignment with no mention or inspection of what is a well known problem with this model. If we who are not in the business of servicing this vehicle are aware of this problem, the dealerships service bays certainly do as well. When I first took my car into the shop the service rep even had a technician talk to me and tell me that my car was out of alignment because I rotated my tires at 8,000 miles instead of 5,000 and in so many words I was told that it sucks to be me and to purchase a new set at my expense as well as an alignment.

    I don't like that dealership service bays when confronted with this problem act like the three monkeys who (hear, see and speak no evil). It doesn't seem that we are getting our money's worth.

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    Thanks Anonymous for the

    Thanks Anonymous for the info. I did tell them that other people are getting replacement tires for free. The customer service rep I talked to was extremely snippy with me. I told him that I was a single mother who could not afford this cost at this time. He then told me that was not there problem. I then told him this was a safety issue, and he told me to get the repair done as they would not be held liable. They a 100% liable, and my family has been instructed to sue if something happens to me. I am getting new tires put on on Tuesday at 50% cost. I am not however letting this go. There is still a problem with the control arm in the 2008 models, they are refusing to acknowledge. If this is not setteled to my liking, then I am prepared to spread word all over the internet not to buy from Honda. How dare they put a single mother's life at risk. I am sure there is a reporter out there somewhere who would love this story. I'm going to dump this piece of creap car ASAP

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    c skjerven, just

    c skjerven, just curious:

    You say you have 31,000 (assume miles) on your tires. What's the remaining tread depth? Also, what is bothering you about these tires, ie: is the wear uneven? How so?

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    Mendel Leisk, Hi, Problem is

    Mendel Leisk,
    Problem is rear cupping, and its 31000 k, I'm from Canada.The tires are extremely loud, can't hear myself think in the car anymore. Also making a loud thumping and strong vibrations at highway speeds. Remaining tread depth (32nds of an inch) is 3,3,3 - left rear, and 4,3,3, right rear.

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    We're also in Canada, have

    We're also in Canada, have the '06, which came with Bridgestone Insignia SE200-02. Just coming up to 70,000 km's on these tires (they've been on the whole time, apart from ~2000 km's last winter), they have 5~6/32" remaining. I see no cupping on ours, maybe just lucky?

    It could very well be your rear geometry is eating tires. Maybe there's variation, car-to-car? Maybe you can get the dealership to check the rear camber? The brand might also be a factor, at least with that very fast tread wear. Sounds like you need new tires ASAP, with that tread depth. What are your tires?

    Regarding road noise, our '06 is a little loud, not that bad though. I think one factor is the factory-applied undercoat in the rear wheel wells, which in our case has mostly peeled off. As far as I'm concerned, good riddance: that stuff does more to promote than protect from rust, once it starts flaking off.

    Here's the rear camber spec for '06, fwiw:

    -1 deg, 39 minutes

    and the tolerance for above spec:

    + 1 deg,05min
    -0 deg,45min

    I gather that means anywhere from -0 deg, 35 minutes to -2 deg, 24 minutes is within spec.

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    It is a strut problem! New

    It is a strut problem! New parts and tires did not help for me. New struts will fix this!

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    etp, what "new parts" were

    etp, what "new parts" were involved, prior to the new struts?

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    Have the same problem.

    Have the same problem. DIDN'T know about the TSB about it (it's a faultly designed rear control arm -- Honda as a repair kit they send to the dealers to fix it -- IF you know about it and IF you demand it). My tires are terribly cupped. But I've gone 42000 miles on them. Called Honda, they wouldn't even pitch in 1c. Said they'd only "talk about it" if the tires had less than 20000 miles. I wasn't asking for a new set on their dime or anything, just if they'd pitch in a little, since the cupping is their fault (rotated every 5000 miles), but nope.

    I just made a separate post about this event (though the purpose of the post was to ask WHERE people can find out about these TSBs, since the Honda rep on the phone said they were "propriatary" and wouldn't tell me what the other TSBs concerning my car were, and said they're not released to the public -- only to the dealers, meaning you're screwed if you go to a non-dealer mechanic that you like). But just in case someone's reading this here, could you please post about WHERE you were able to find out about the TSBs (I just recently noticed a very old post that mentioned the TSB affecting this very issue) and if there's a database or list of them somewhere (if not, how can we find out about both other current ones, as well as possible future ones?) Thanks!

    Tomorrow: AM is having to spend almost $500 for a new set of tires. PM is the dealer "doing me a favor" by replacing the faulty rear arm with the properly designed one.

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