C Skjerven, I got the free replacement tires by going through Honda of America and placing a complaint and ultimately the dealership verified that the rear control arm was the cause of the inner tire wear. I had 18,000 miles (approx 28,900 km) when my tires failed so you do not have many more miles/km's than mine.

I have no real answer as to why I was provided cost free replacement and you have not. Though by going through other boards it appears that Honda is inconsistent in how it deals with this issue. I read where some lucky individuals like me get free replacements, some not quite as lucky as you get a cost reduction based upon use, while the completely unlucky are SOL. Perhaps it goes to which Honda manager one speaks with at corporate.

My suggestion who be contact that individual again and complain that you read others with approximately equal tire use have received free replacements. They probably will act that you are lying but it is worth a try. Good luck with dealing with this issue. If you are like me this is driving you crazy thinking that you may be dealing with this issue in another 31,000 km. I have over 9,000 miles after my rear control arm was replaced and so far so good. However, others have had the same repair only for excessive inner tire wear to return.