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    No incentive to buy FEH??????????

    We went to go inquire about buying a FEH last night. I was completly dimayed. I know these are a popular vehicle but, where is the incentive to buy one?
    They won't go down on the sticker price, ok I could handle that! They are a hot ticket item. But then to turn in our old Explorer for scrap we get 4,500 as our only incentive, great! But they will not give the 0% interest, that they will on a regular Escape and want 5.9-6.9% interest with GREAT credit scores! What the bleep? So the 4500 is a wash in interest. And we can get the regular Escape at 0% finanicing with 6,000 of the sticker price... so economically it would be the better price and choice, so I was very saddedned by this. I thought there was more of an incentive financially for people to buy the hybrids?????

    Can anyone explain this to me? Especially why the astrinomical interest? And why we would basically have to pay MSRP and get NO incentives? That to me seems crazy!

    And I have wanted a hybrid for a long time and felt heart broken at the dealers last night.

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    The shaky financial position

    The shaky financial position of some companies makes it difficult for them to get money at low interest rates. You should go with an independent lender.

    I couldn't get any deals on a FEH in February when I was looking, but it did have a tax credit compared to the Toyota models. The dealers said that they had a problem getting FEHs and so the customer had to pay full MSRP. I bought a THH instead where I was able to get a little off MSRP. I had to order because all the available THHs were loaded with options.

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    My sister and brother in law

    My sister and brother in law are reccomending we look at the FEH for when our Volvo XC70 lease expires iin April 2010, as we have been VERY dissappointed in its poor gas mieage. I glanced at boston area dealers and all are out of stock. what do you all recommend we do? thanks.

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    I bought an 09 FEH Limited

    I bought an 09 FEH Limited at Stoneham Ford in Stoneham, MA a couple of weeks ago. They came off retail price some. I had a rate quote from my credit union that varied from about 4.5 to 5.2 % depending on the term of the loan. Stoneham asked for an opportunity to call their lender and see if they would match the rates and they did. They had one other 09 FEH in stock that I saw but it was more of a base model with front wheel drive.

    Good luck.

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    Instead of an FEH why don't

    Instead of an FEH why don't you try a MMH - I just purchased one for $500 under invoice and was able to get 4.05% financing.

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    I think the sad truth is

    I think the sad truth is that dealers don't want to sell hybrids. I tried to drive a ford fusion hybrid the other day and the dealer seller flat out told me that I didn't need a hybrid he did so much hybrid bashing that I walked out!

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