We went to go inquire about buying a FEH last night. I was completly dimayed. I know these are a popular vehicle but, where is the incentive to buy one?
They won't go down on the sticker price, ok I could handle that! They are a hot ticket item. But then to turn in our old Explorer for scrap we get 4,500 as our only incentive, great! But they will not give the 0% interest, that they will on a regular Escape and want 5.9-6.9% interest with GREAT credit scores! What the bleep? So the 4500 is a wash in interest. And we can get the regular Escape at 0% finanicing with 6,000 of the sticker price... so economically it would be the better price and choice, so I was very saddedned by this. I thought there was more of an incentive financially for people to buy the hybrids?????

Can anyone explain this to me? Especially why the astrinomical interest? And why we would basically have to pay MSRP and get NO incentives? That to me seems crazy!

And I have wanted a hybrid for a long time and felt heart broken at the dealers last night.