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Thread: Prius Rallys???

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    Prius Rallys???

    Ok, T-bird owners have rallys.

    Mustang owners have rallys

    Even Delorien owners have rallys.

    Does anyone know about any rallys, meets, or conventions for Prius owners?

    I would LOVE to be part of a parade of a couple thousand Priii motoring thru some
    city's streets. Meet other Prius owners, talk to aftermarket equipment vendors.

    And maybe meet with Toyota management?

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    OC Prius meets up at a

    OC Prius meets up at a restaurant or other venue periodically, once every couple of months ... we have had a guest speaker from Toyota and Toyota Sales Reps come to the meetings ... we spend time in the parking lots looking at each others mods. Great fun, and gain alot of knowledge of the features of the Prius. See what's available on this forum and others specific to Prius.

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