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    Amanda, I've been well

    Amanda, I've been well served by my 2008 FEH, with 120,000 miles on it now, only it's 2nd set of tires, and original, factory brakes, but I fully realize that I'm moving closer by the day to some major expenses, or major mechanic work (I do a lot myself). If you won't be driving over 300mi/wk you should not be concerned about MPG versus other costs of ownership.

    Contrary to a lot of noise by those who have never even been in a position to replace a traction battery ("high voltage battery" or whatever else you want to call it), it is NOT a big deal, and would cost you less than major transmission or engine work could cost on any car. Look on ebay at batteries out of wrecked Escapes. Heck, go googling all over the web, the dealer isn't lying to you about that one (he might think he is tho). Here's a GREAT link to look at:

    You need to have a good "get in - get out" strategy, almost like stock trading, except your "stock" will be dropping from the instant you get it. As you can see, I'm doing the "long-haul" strategy, and I probably will end up "parting it out" in another 100k miles. I don't recommend that strategy to others, and frequently question my own sanity.

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    Wow, looks like Bonnie and

    Wow, looks like Bonnie and RYAN both got left hanging. I hope they both went to other sites like Escape city and Green hybrid too. I realize that's not nice etiquette, but the string characteristic on this forum apparently makes it easy to lose stuff.

    The 2 biggest factors in MPG are driving technique and tires. You must accelerate modestly, and also brake mildly. I hated it at first, but I could sure tell how "sensitive" the accellerator ("gas pedal") is, and I now drive ONLY without a shoe on my right foot. If you don't have the Continental or Michelin LRR tires and keep them inflated at absolutely no less than the Ford recommended pressure, you're directly messing with your fuel economy. I'm talking 10mpg on these two items, probably more if you wanted to really do some insane extremes to prove a point. Also, ONLY use 5W20 or 0W20 or equivalent SYNTHETIC motor oil, and be CERTAIN that it is NEVER overfilled or below the "fill" range on the dipstick.

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    My '06 Ford Escape Hybrid

    My '06 Ford Escape Hybrid has 108k miles. Still running well.
    mpg about 29mpg depending on the season (according to the digital display). Spring and fall I get slightly better milage than in the winter and summer. Running the AC on max definitely reduces the milage.
    I like the space in the Escape... I down sized from the loaded Chrysler mini-van... but went up in mpg!
    Since I am not very tall, I like the SUV seating so that I can see the road clearly.

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    what do you mean by green

    what do you mean by green states?

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    I have a 2007 Escape Hybrid

    I have a 2007 Escape Hybrid 2 wheel drive. I have been having problems with the AC (blows cold only when moving - even with max ac. About 10 degree difference than when stopped). I am also losing gas mileage - down from 29 to 30 to now 25.1 and still dropping. Is the hot weather, the higher use of the ac, causing this or is there problems with my cooling system that is having an adverse affect with the mileage. I have had the ac checked and had the rear expansion valve replaced an the system recharged. My mechanics, Ford and private, can't find anything else. Thanks for any help.

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    I have a 2005 Ford Escape

    I have a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD. its at 89K miles. I haven't had any problems with it - up until last week. I got the service engine light and 'park safely now' last week in a parking lot. I was going into the grocery store. When I came out all was well no engine light. Then yesterday - not on a highway thank goodness!! - I had the service engine light, 'park safely now' and the engine shut off in less than a minute. I could do nothing. I had just made my way through an intersection getting off the highway, but getting ready to get back on to the highway - I was turning around. Anyhow my issue was wiring in battery - I'll get to that later..

    After towing to a car shop and the vehicle starting up on its own their after 10minutes and their computers not registering what was wrong. I left their at no cost - 15min complimentary service. And drove straight to the dealership. Dealership was able to determine the issue and 7.5 yrs 89k miles the part is covered under warranty and the whole thing is free.

    I've had no issues with the car otherwise. So I think I got off lucky. But scary that I could have been stuck on the highway if it happened 2 minutes earlier or later. Hopefully the car knew I was going slow and that is why it stopped when it did.

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    Oh, one more thing. My MPG

    Oh, one more thing. My MPG is decent at 30mpg. I live in a hilly curvey area - so I figure thats why mine hasn't been as great as advertised - but glad itsd better than others. i have front wheel drive though. When my husband drives he gets worse mpg - he drives the defrost on alot and he runs the gas and brake pedal too much. I tend to coast a ways back prior to breaking and coast when stuck in traffic.

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    Have 2005 FEH 2wd been great

    Have 2005 FEH 2wd been great car- having problem now at 4000rpms shuts down says in window high temp engine but starts and goes again fine if never hit 4000rpms no codes come up
    from what I have read might be coolant pump what do you think

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    Hi all, need some help and

    Hi all, need some help and commentary. Have a 05 escape hybrid 4 wheel drive. This summer, at 85,000 mi, while on a road trip, the engine fried. No lights came on beforehand, no warnings, no nothing. Dipstick absolutely clean, no oil anywhere. We had the engine replaced at vast cost. The dealership that replaced it confirmed that no diagnostics had gone off, though the oil light is apparently not part of the computer diagnostic system. They never found the problem, but surmised that the oil got sucked up the cpv system and burned up in the exhaust. When we got home, we took it to the dealership that it usually goes to, that had seen it the day we left on the trip as well as a week before ( a light had gone off) and asked how they could have sent us off on a trip with the diagnostics not working. After much dithering, they have decided that there is no reason for them to share in the pain, nor Ford. They think the oil was vacuumed up and their tech suspects that the problem is the 10,000 miles between oil changes, which damaged the rings. My response is that that is what Ford recommends and that we have the receipts for every oil change and they were all done on time. If that is the problem, then others ought to have it as well. Any takers here? Anyone else have this?

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    Looking for this:

    FORD ESCAPE 2007

    VIN 1FMCU49H37KA02613

    What do you think? Buy it?

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