Test drove my used '06 4WD FEH just yesterday. Drove it like a car (only way I know how). Slowly, crept up to low 20s. Ford dealer ran diagnostics, and the battery had a low charge and dirty contacts. Also, it didn't help that I ran max ac due to the hot weather, and traffic was creepingly slow.

I was concerned about this initially, but I think there are several logical explanations. Probably had e10, tires were all-weather and flat, had roof rack, battery issues as above, hadn't been diven in a while so battery wasn't holding charge; as a result, the electric drive wasn't engaging as much (even without max ac), and assist wasn't really kicking.

This is a useful forum for when I take delivery.

Being a simple minded guy, I don't really understand the technical terms, but I think I get the basic idea of hybrid driving:

1) shift to L before decelerating (easing gas pedal) or braking if you have time to increase battery charge (especially during morning ride in to work).

2) switch to pure electric (double tap trick) for the ride home at the end of the day.

To put things in perspective; I just test drove a new Lincoln MKZ (non-hybrid) which is considered to be a good entry-level luxury car (also made by Ford based on the new fusion platform), and it did 20 at best in mixed driving. The '06 FEH is a much more comfortable and smoother ride, difference is night and day, so if the worst it'll do is 20s I'll take that! The 4wd is rated for 28 (although people seem to have bested that); seems easily achievable with optimization/tune-up and minor changes in my driving habit.