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    Draining Battery

    I am curious on how the electronic battery drains when the key is in the "ACC" position. I was at a function in which i had the radio on (it is a secondary market radio from Best Buy) and the power was drained from the car in, i would say, a few hours.

    Is this normal? any insight or experience with this??

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    This is normal and why you

    This is normal and why you should never leave the key On for any length of time. The power steering, brakes and all 12V systems are being powered through the DC/DC converter by the HV battery with the key in the ACC position. If you must keep the key in the ACC position for a long period of time, I would keep the vehicle in "Park" in EV so the engine will restart at a 40% SoC and shutdown at 42% SoC. This will keep the entire system charged and protect the batteries from draining below their minimum limits.

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