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    Touring vs Package #6

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the differences with the Touring model (with Package #6) versus the "non-touring" (for lack of a better term) version with the same Package #6.

    the only differences I could find were the rims and tires. Both are package #6 but the Touring version was $200 more and had 16" tires with steel rims and wheel covers, while the "non-touring" version had the 15" tire with alumiinum rims.


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    It could be there is no

    It could be there is no difference. A long time ago when I was ordering a Jeep Wrangler, I discovered I could eqiuip the Saraha and Sport models exactly the same and save about $600 with the Sport.

    However I also discovered the Saraha resells for more than the Sport just because it has Saraha written on it.

    If there is no difference, I'm sure the Touring would resell better.

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