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    Just got back from round

    Just got back from round trip Niagara Falls to Big Apple and back.

    Decided to have some fun with mileage tests.

    From Buffalo to Syracuse, set cruise control to 70MPH. got about 52.5 mpg. about normal for me.

    then from Syracuse to Albany, dropped cruise control down to 60MPH. Mileage went up to 59MPG.

    OK, now I get off the interstate at Hudson, NY. Cross over the river and get on the Taconic Parkway. Still limited access highway, but slower speedlimit. So now I set cruise control to 50MPH. Mileage goes up to 63MPG!!!

    All above driving done under identical as possible circumstances, road conditions, terrain, weather, car cargo load. so only variable should the the speed.

    Including some driving in NYC, then back across PA hills, total trip mileage 53.4mpg.

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    I searched around some other

    I searched around some other forums. Supposedly in theory, E10 will drop mpgs by 3%. That calculates out to about 2 - 3mpg.

    But in a lot of the forums, people complain about loosing 4 Ė 5mpg with E10, E15, or ďwinter blendsĒ of gas.

    I also read a post that said the older ownerís manuals recommend 87 Octane with E10 or E15.

    Cross winds, reportedly, will reduce mpgs.

    AC will definitely cost you 4 Ė 5mpg. AC costs you more mpg at lower speeds because you canít glide as far. The higher the fan speed, the more mpg you will loose.

    On the other hand, you do want to run some AC if it is hot because the EV fan uses cabin air to cool the battery. If the battery runs too hot or too cold, it will affect the mpg.

    One other thing is Iíve seen some posts that say, give the hybrid system 6 months Ė 10,000 miles of break-in time. Some people have a 10% - 15% increase in mpgs once the hybrid system is broken in. Most of the impact seems to occur in the first 2,000 miles.

    I started off with around 40mpg on my first drive home. I got up to 58mpg. Now that summer has finally hit here and I need my AC, Iím down to 52mpg.

    Iím guessing my commute is a strange one to you all. In the summer, in the morning, its usually less than 70F, and Iím driving 90% downhill all the way to the office. (I live in a box canyon and my office is in one of the lowest parts of the valley.) In the summer, in the afternoon, it will be mid 90Fs Ė mid 100Fs and 90% uphill all the way back.

    So on my way in, Iíll average 75mpg-ish and on the way home I average 30mpg-ish.

    One change I made on my commute was to use an expressway instead of the foothill highway. Traffic is worst on the expressway and thereís a stoplight every half mile. But in rush hour, traffic speed is better for gliding. On the foothill highway, I lost a lot of mpgs on the uphills, too much for me to make up by coasting on the downhills. The expressway has flatter grades, so I donít loose as much mpg on the uphills.

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    Another thing that can

    Another thing that can affect milage is tires. On my '05, I consistantly got 50-55mpg--until hubby upgraded the tires. "Better" tires apparently have greater resistance. Now I get 45-48.

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    Traction vs Mileage is a

    Traction vs Mileage is a compromise.

    High traction tires (winter snow tires/off road tires) tend to have much higher rolling friction. And lower mileage.

    the skinny high-pressure tires that get great mileage, tend to handle poorly in deep snow, ice, mud, ect.

    Up here in Upstate, NY (yes, we do get snow in the winter) I use summer and winter tires. When I put the deep lug, lower pressure tires on for winter, I loose about 7 or 8 MPG on average. Just from the tires, not including road conditions.

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    My wife and i LUV our 2009

    My wife and i LUV our 2009 Prius! second one we got. first one was rear-ended 60+mph on the freeway while stopped in traffic. and it did a awesome job protecting her. had to be totaled but what car would survive a collision like that?

    we get over 41 mpg easy, with ac on (sacramento area). when i drive the mpg does increase to 46-50+ mpg (wife drives it a bit fast).

    bottom line: we are way happy with the mpg and the way it drives; it's quick when we need to pass or get on the freeway; no problems with it. GREAT CAR!

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    Prior to the trip we're on

    Prior to the trip we're on we regularly got about 48mpg on our 2006 prius. We traveled about 3000 miles with 2 surfboards and a cargo carrier on the roof. We expected to get less mileage due to extra weight , freeway speeds and wind resistance. We averaged about 30 mpg. However, now that we have removed the surfboards and the rooftop cargo carrier, mileage is still hovering around 31 mpg (we're still on our first tank of gas without the load). The car seems to run fine. Is there something wrong with the car, or does the car's computer have to learn to drive efficiently again? Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Iím guessing on a trip

    Iím guessing on a trip that long, you used a lot of cruise control and didnít do a lot of worrying about hypermiling.

    My wifeís Scion was wrecked just before our Yellowstone trip. While it was wrecked (3 weeks) I drove the rental and she drove the Prius. So other than the Yellowstone trip, I didnít drive the Prius for 3 weeks. It took me about 3 weeks to get back into the habit of hypermiling the car.

    Also, check your tire pressure and check your AC usage. Plus with another 3000 miles put on the car, take it in for an oil change and have the air filter checked while they are at it.

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    yeah im getting even less

    yeah im getting even less with my used 2009 prius and it already had 36,000 miles on it there something not right with this car and im sure the dealer is blowing smoke up your ass

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