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    Which Year Model to Purchase

    I realize I am the newbie here but I have been reading on this forum for several days. I am relocating and taking a job where I will have around a 120 mile a day commute. Most of this commute is on relatively level ground and 65 mph speed limit with moderate traffic. In doing some studying I have pretty much decided on an HCH as the answer but I have several questions. I am not looking at spending $20,000 for a car and will not be purchasing new. It seems that in some of the research I have done the 04-05 hybrids with manuals are posting better real time fuel economy. Is this actually true or are you experts going to give me better advice. If my options are between a 03-07 budget wise where would I be best off. I currently have a dealers license and can buy from the dealer auctions so I have a fairly wide choice of cars to purchase.

    I'm looking forward to spending more time on this forum and getting to know people better.

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    The Civic recently just went

    The Civic recently just went thru it's refresh so you can look at which year looks better to you - altho the changes are very subtle.

    Obviously, if you need something w/ more room or power the Accord Hybrid still managed upper 20s MPG despite having ~260hp. This would be my choice bc of how rare the car would be on the road.

    Nowadays, you can get the new Honda Insight for ~$20k as well if you rather not buy used. Then again, w/ the economy so bad you can probably get an new Civic Hybrid LX for about that price as well.

    If you drive conservatively, posters have claimed to achieved better mileage w/ the Honda hybrids than what was on the sticker.

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    Guys, I was also thinking

    Guys, I was also thinking about buying Civic Hybrid 2007 used, there are some good deals on this year now.. The question is: does it really have a problem with steering as some people on internet reviews posted? And other question: what about the maintanance of a car? How often the battery should be replaced?and how much is the cost?

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