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Thread: My HCH repo...

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    My HCH repo...

    Hi guys,
    I just got a great deal on a HCH 2007 hybrid and found out it was because it was a repossession. Still unter factory warranty, ~13k miles on the car.

    I want to take it into a dealer for a service just to check everything out. What should I get? A 46 point inspection? Just an oil change? Hybrid owners generally take good care of their "babies", but if it was a repo, who knows.

    I've noticed that the brake feels really tight, but also not as quick to respond as our other car. Then, this morning, when driving the kids to school, as I BEGAN to brake, it let out a sound like it was passing gas (my 4 yr old could hear if from the back and was giggling - that loud). I am getting used to the "shuddery" feeling of the auto stop kicking in right before you stop, but thought I'd ask around other HCH owners since this is my first hybrid.

    Thanks, all!!


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    I've got a 2009 Civic

    I've got a 2009 Civic Hybridand the brakes do feel tight. I think its because it has two brakes, the 4-wheel disk brakes and the regenerative braking. That's good the brakes will last longer. I bought the HCH instead of the Insight because of the 4 wheel disk brakes and the back seat was roomier. On the '09 HCH, the car tells you when you need maintenance and what needs to be done. It not every so many miles. I'd probably have it checked anyway just for peace of mind. My wife's car is a 2008 Camry Hybrid and they do operate differently. On the Toyota, the electric motor provides the primary drive and the gasoline engine assists. On the Honda, its the opposite. I think Toyota has the better concept, but the fuel economy on the Honda isn't that much worse. The Honda is quite a bit cheaper and I like the driving feel better. I'd suggest test driving both. We love both of our hybrids and only wish our motorhome was a hybrid too. My daughter has my wife's old '99 Accord and it just keeps going and going and going. This is our 4th Honda and we've never had problems with any of them.

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    The '07 has the maintenance

    The '07 has the maintenance minder as well. I would just follow that, as far as scheduled maintenance goes. Being a repo, maybe you didn't get the car's history, ie: maintenance records (bills), Owners Manual with filled-in diary of maintenance (though most Service Dept's. seems to neglect to fill this in), etc. If you didn't get an Owners Manual, see if you can get one.

    Since the car is an unknown quantity, I would take it into a dealership service department, explain this to them, and ask them for suggestions. Take it with a grain-of-salt if they start pushing maintenance packages, but a reputable dealership would likely do a check of brakes, fluids, Constant Velocity Joint boots, suspension, etc.

    One thing I've found: our dealership service department tends to tighten the Parking Brake lever way too much. The Service Manual is 8~10 clicks for fully lock, fwiw. The adjustment bolt is recessed within the center console, which is reachable with some removal of center console trim.

    Regarding the farting brake, I've never had this with our '06, but have heard of this. There is actually a service bulletin on it. Mention this to the service dept, there is some remedy. Check MSanto's postings on CleanMPG, in particular the word "flatulence".

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    The brake "fart" noise is a

    The brake "fart" noise is a common issue with Civic hybrids. My 2006 does it, and others have complained to their dealers and received new brake system components. There is a TSB from Honda about this and it would be covered under warranty.
    You could still purchase a HondaCare warranty online for te vehicle if that gives you any peace of mind.

    Trying Googling brake fart noises with the Civic hybrid.

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