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    In response to "Hybrid car truth" and "hybrid=scam"

    I'm pretty happy with my 03 civ hybrid. Even though it has problems as any large machine does, I still get 37mpg, a 50% increase in mileage from my last car. Even though it cost me a bundle, the 12000 miles a year I drive cost me about $810 (324 gallons, $2.50 per gallon) versus the $1200 I would have spent.

    That's a $400 a year savings on gas alone.

    When gas goes up to $5, I will be spending $800 less a year compared to a car with 26mpg.

    Additionally, the brakes only need changing half as often and the oil, 1/3 as often. The transmission is constantly variable (CVT) which gives me smooth buttery acceleration with no sudden shift in gears and the car is just beautiful to look at. It also goes around turns fast and smooth with wishbone suspension, a feature not on the Prius. I think there's no better way to have spent my $10,000 on a vehicle.

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    I recently life cycle cost

    I recently life cycle cost compared a HCH/Insight/Prius vs. a Fit/Versa/Yaris. I assumed slightly better than EPA mileage on the hybrids. Over 200,000 miles, the break even on gas was around $2.10. That basiclly assumes keeping it forever and driving it into the ground.

    I think if I lifecycled it shorter and included resell value, the breakeven would be less on gas because the HCH and Prius are midsize and the Fit/Yaris are more economy.

    The bottom line though is: Are you happy? Sounds like you are, so it's a good car for you.

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    If it says green eco or

    If it says green eco or manmade global warming it is a scam a lie a hoax and the biggest fleece job in history

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