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    FEH Squeaking/Squealing Rear Brakes

    So, I have an '08 FEH and it has the squealing brake problem. Does anyone know if Ford is working on a real solution to this problem or are they just going to cop out and have the TSB that has you stop from 20mph with the ebrake as their permanent fix? This is really annoying and embarrassing and it has gotten loud enough to hear over the stereo (when at half it's full volume which is pretty loud). This has even made me hate this car regardless of my 31 combined mpg... And yes, it's been to the dealer 3 times for this and they finally are aware of the TSB

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    Wow, that would annoy me as

    Wow, that would annoy me as well. I have an 2008 FEH but have not had this problem arise, hopefully it won't. How many miles do you have on your vehicle?

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    I know what you are refering

    I know what you are refering to.
    My FEH is a 2008, and occasionally, I hear a humming sound from the rear wheels when I slowly lurch forward, or back out of my driveway.
    I took it in and the engineers stated that to eliminate this noise, you need to engage the emergency brake everytime you park the vehicle. My driveway is on an incline and I already do this, but since I have followed their advise, the humming noise has stopped.
    On a lighter note, I refueled my gas tank yesterday, and before clearing out my mpg history for the new tank, I noticed it was at 40.5 mpg!!
    I guess that I have been in heavier traffic recently, and have been driving under the speed limit on the access roads here in Texas.
    I also just recently had my tires rotated and checked, and my transmission fluid flushed. I am at 30k miles so far.
    It goes to show you that this SUV Hybrid is truly the best one out there for its class.

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    It has almost 16k on it now.

    It has almost 16k on it now. Talked to Ford and my dealer and it's getting looked at, again, on Tuesday. The TSB fix using the e-brake only works for about a day and half at best. It was squeaking last night, then quiet this morning, and was squeaking slightly by the time I got home. College budy of mine is coming into town tonight, he's a Ford salesman, and he said he hadn't heard of this problem yet either...seems Ford is keeping this all hush-hush on their $35k hybrid...

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    OMG...now this thing stopped

    OMG...now this thing stopped squeaking when I brought it into the dealer earlier this week and now another problem has reared it's ugly head again...the rear glass leaks! I got this fixed about 6 mos ago and they replaced the seal, and yesterday I noticed it leaking again. I'm pretty much done with this junker. I've no time to keep dropping it off at the dealer and being left without a car, so as soon as I can get a good deal, it's getting traded in on a BMW suv of some sort. It might not get over 30mpg like my Escape, but it definitely won't be stuck getting fixed all the time.

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    I have a 2010 Hybrid and

    I have a 2010 Hybrid and have had it in for squeeking breaks on many occasions. I am so frustrated and now they say this is common with hybrids? Have never heard of this till now. Very irratating to have a new car that has squeeky breaks! Only complaint about this car.

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