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    FEH Towing Ability Question

    Afternoon everyone. This question is for anyone who really knows the FEH under the hood. I know that ford says that the FWD FEH can tow about 1,000 lbs, but that is as specific as they get. I am wondering exactly what this may include? I small 18 ft boat? How about a pod size camper? These items are weighted in terms of actual weight and drag weight... how can I get a good idea of what I can tow in my 2008 FEH without risking major transmission damage?

    Gary, Billy, any of you gurus still around that can help?

    Thanks and hope everyone is doing well.

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    Check this article

    Check this article out


    I'd be following the advice set forth in this article.


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    I have a similar concern. I

    I have a similar concern. I want to use my 2009 Escape hybrid to pull a small utility trailer on occasion (firewood, landscape material), but the dealer says the wiring harness available is only for a non-hybrid Escape and that it wouldn't work with my HEV. Anyone have experience with this situation? What is the danger of pulling a small trailer with a hybrid? U-haul has an after-market wiring harness that they say will work fine with my vehicle. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Richard, the FEH can tow

    Richard, the FEH can tow more than 1,000 pounds but you risk your warranty. The aftermarket wiring harness can work if installed correctly and there was a video on the internet that gave instructions that I saw awhile back. Try to google the video because it was made for the '08 FEH which should be the same as an '09. There was two videos for the hitch and for the wiring. Good Luck!

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