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    FEH :Stereo Prob

    My car stereo system (manufacture's) wont' turn on. The information screen is blank and no music can be heard. Funny thing is, the CD player will still take and eject CD's (doen't play them thoug). Any ideas on what's going on or who I can take this too (I am useless when it comes to cars, especially hybrids).


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    Is your clock in the upper

    Is your clock in the upper display working? Either way you need the dealer to either re-program the radio, or replace it.
    My Cd quit ejecting, so they got me a new radio/cd/nav unit, but oops couldn't program it so I had to drive around with no radio/cd/nav or clock, but my outside temp still worked, over Christmas holidays because Ford gave their tech support those two weeks off, and my dealer couldn't program the dang thing.

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    My Stereo/CD player/Nav unit

    My Stereo/CD player/Nav unit failed again! I had 150 miles left on my 36,000 mile warrantee when the CD player once again failed to eject the CDs. I drove straight to the shop, they retrieved the cd and called Ford Tech, a day later the shop called and said bring it back in, they needed a number off the unit, another trip to shop. A week later they call and say Ford Tech says to replace unit, fine. 2 days later they call and say no units are available and I would need to bring it in and they would ship it to be repaired, 24-48 hr turnaround, well I am at 10 days and counting! Gary do you know the Ford part nbr for this unit or where I can find it? I feel I am getting the royal jerking around, and plan on complaining. Other than that the '08 Mariner has been great, no other problems, and returns 34 mpg all the time except when the wife and kid drive it, then it dips to 31, still better than any other SUV out there.

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