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    whats different in Civic Hybrid 2010?

    i'm shopping for HCH right now to replace a HCH 2003.

    i'm not too thrilled about the 2009 color choices, and wheels that come with it,
    so i'm wondering if i should hold out till September when then 2010 arrive.

    for the most part i understand 2009 will not be a significant improvement,
    but does anyone have any info on what WOULD be different?


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    How could you not like the

    How could you not like the wheels Seriously, they're designed for aerodynamics. I think they look pretty sharp, but there's no accounting for taste.

    In your last paragraph do you mean to say 2010??

    I thought Honda's changed generations every four years, but in discussion at GreenHybrid have been hearing that 5 years is becoming more common. A few people there are saying 2010 will not be the start of new generation, more likely 2011.

    We got a white 2006 when it came out. It was more-or-less the *only* white Honda, of any model, avialable in Canada, and we really wanted that color. The only hitch was the beige interior. It really shows the grime, you have to be careful with it. We put in the all-weather rubber mats, in black.

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