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    Civic Mileage Bashers

    I really do not see how people can say that they get such poor mileage with the civic hybrid. Honestly, you just can't try to drive them like a race car.

    While they definitely are not the funnest car to drive, I currently get around 47.3mpg. That is all city driving in Phoenix and Tempe, AZ- and I think I can do better. Even going 5 mph over the speed limit makes my mileage go down to 42... It is all about timing. So, if you really can't bear to go the speed limit or go under it when the light in front of you is red (what an idea!), you probably should not have wasted your money buying a hybrid anyway.

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    I've taken both our office

    I've taken both our office Prius and Civic Hybrid on 200 - 300 mile roundtrips and gotten essentially the same mileage. The drives are about 40% interstate, 40% two lane highway, and 10% city. The Prius got 50mpg. The Civic Hybrid got 49mpg. 1mpg can be accounted for in winds, tire pressure, or how recently the air filter was changed.

    With that said, I can see how the Prius' system is easier to hypermile in town. But the Civic is a lot more comfortable for those long, long drives.

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    I've had my '06 HCH (43k

    I've had my '06 HCH (43k miles) for about 3 weeks. As MIKKOLO said, a lot depends on how you drive PLUS what you anticipate, and what attention you pay to the gauges (mpg, etc.)

    I get pretty close to the current go't estimates, about 40 mpg city an 46 highway -- sometimes 1 or 2 mpg over or under.

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    I drive my 09 Civic Hybrid

    I drive my 09 Civic Hybrid 500-600 miles per week -- just passed 10,000 miles total -- and am averaging 52.7 mpg! I drive into and out of LA Monday-Friday. Can't beat it!

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    There seems to be a

    There seems to be a universal inversion of what the speed limit means. The letter of the law is that this is the *fastest* you should go, in good weather, light traffic, no construction, pedestrians, etc.

    The reality for most drivers is that this is the *minimum* tolerable, and anyone driving at or under this speed is to be tailgated and generally threatened.

    It's too bad. If for example I've got nobody behind me, and am going a couple of blocks from a standing start to a corner where I need to turn, I'll make a point of *not* getting up to the speed limit: what's the point of winding it up just to hit the brakes? I get to my corner maybe 5 seconds later, save brake wear and gas.

    In general, just being a bit more laid-back in your acceleration, throttling back to stay under the limit and displaying and keeping an eye on the Civic Hybrid's real-time mileage gauge will make your gas go a lot further.

    And if the ultimate goal is to reduce fuel consumption, not just *rate* of consumption but *overall* consumption, then trip consolidation, reduction or even avoidance, are low-tech but effective solutions.

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    I think the manual

    I think the manual transmission makes all the difference. I've got a '04 with man trans & ave 50-55 mpg. I wish Honda would offer the manual trans with the new hybrids. The normal Civic has man trans but hybrid its not available. It sounds like the marketing dept had their fingers in that decision.

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    Hi HyBuck; It was not the

    Hi HyBuck;

    It was not the marketing department but rather the engineering group that decided MT hybrids were no longer a good idea.

    As Honda noticed 5-6 years ago, owners of MT hybrids used to mistreat the battery pack and even lug the engine in the pursuit of extreme FE. This lead to the inordinate number of premature battery failures simply because the control of the power flow and resulting SoC charge/discharge cycles was left in the hands of the driver.
    So to remedy this, Honda (just as Toyota did) said "never again" to hybrids with a manual transmission, and the energy flow and SoC are now more finely managed to a profile that is more battery pack friendly.

    The other "problem" with the older MT hybrids is that they depended on lean burn technology which increased their emissions. In order to produce and sell cars with an AT-PZEV or Tier 2 Bin 2 rating, the learn burn technology had to be left behind.

    Hope this helps



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    I'm glad Honda has a reason,

    I'm glad Honda has a reason, other than marketing, to not offer a MT. I've got 170k+ miles on my '04 & haven't had any problems yet. Haven't even replaced brakes! Its making me nervous. . . Honda's had 2 recalls for computer adjustments but I didn't notice any driving differences. I've ridden in the new Insight & I might buy one but my Civic is working fine. dbuck

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    I live in Clarkston, Wa. and

    I live in Clarkston, Wa. and I get 40 to 42 in town, 46 to 48 on the highway. It's a two lane road from here to Spokane so there is a lot of "rolling hills" passing. Everyone I have taken, and passed cars traveling under 60 (the "speed" limit) with, was impressed with the acceleration. For what it is, "I" think it's a fun and comfortable car to drive. Oh yea, I have an '08 HCH. We do get a lot of tire noise though.
    One more thought, I think the reason some people get such poor milage, is because the have their air system on "auto". I don't use my air conditioning unless I have to. I get my best milage at 63 with both front windows open and the stereo loud!( Summer only)

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    MSantos - I have a 04 HCH

    MSantos - I have a 04 HCH MT, how are you supposed to drive it so the battery is not abused? i drive it normally like any manual car I have owned. I am not a racer and drive normally with out reving the engine too high. Please advise, Thanks

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