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    what is not being revealed

    what is not being revealed to most is that as tires get warmer, the air pressure increases.....i would stay 10 psi below manufactures stated max pressure...also, traction is sacrificed as pressure is maxxed out.....I keep my Prizm tires at 33 out of 44psi max as stated on my tires...

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    FYI: Tire inflation values

    FYI: Tire inflation values listed on the tires are ALWAYS based on "cold" pressure. The tire manufacturer takes into account the increase in pressure,during normal driving.

    Never "underinflate" tires to compensate for heating during driving. Always use the "cold" inflation tire pressures, listed by the car itself, and the tire manufacturer.

    And if the tire's maximum pressure is anywhere near the car's recommended pressure- you have the wrong tire on your car.

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