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Thread: Tire Pressure

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    Tire Pressure

    Got new tires put on, but the tire guy will only put in the air pressure as listed on the door frame sticker. He said the TPMS is set for this pressure only? Is he right -- or not? I'd rather put more air into the tire for better MPG.

    by the way, I bought the new Bridgestone Ecopia's. So far so good -- I like them.

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    According to my experiences,

    According to my experiences, the TPMS will allow higher pressures without a big fuss. I would say the tire guy (like so many of them) is definitely NOT right.

    In addition to getting better MPG, the tires will last longer if you raise the pressure above the door frame sticker. And since these tires (max rating of 44-51 psi) can take pressures upwards of 100-200 psi without any issues, running them at the max sidewall pressure is the safest thing you can do. They'll run cooler and will experience must less tire hysteresis (sidewall flex) which together with low pressures and resulting heat is a statistical leading cause of tire blow-outs and other catastrophic failures.



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    Listen to MSantos, he knows

    Listen to MSantos, he knows what he is talking about. I am at 10k miles on my 2008 HCH and I run 45 lbs. Life of the car I am at nearly 50mpg.

    Hey MSantos, would you google vv-tec and tell me what you think about their new small-scale turbine? I know you are a technologist so I am interested in your opinion of this technology.

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    MSantos .... What do you

    MSantos .... What do you suggest my psi be? I have them at 40 now, and notice a few more MPG.

    Have you looked at any info about the Bridgestone Ecopia's? I really like them thus far. Very smooth and quiet --- and it's going to rain here next few days: now comes the wet road test.

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    Do report back on your

    Do report back on your Ecopias, I'm sure a lot of people are interested. Thanks.

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