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    I own a 2006 HCH2 and live in San Antonio, TX. While we are in the middle of a severe drought, it has rained here recently. I have noticed that while driving in rain without severe winds, my MPG drops about 5%. Any thoughts as to why. My thoughts are that perhaps the LRR tires do not perform as well on rainy surfaces, or perhaps rain impacts the smooth flow of air under the vehicle. Thoughts anybody?

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    Hi Thompson; A wet road

    Hi Thompson;

    A wet road surface will always induce extra drag/friction on a rolling tire. Also, the more water there is at the surface the greater the resistance imposed on the tires... so avoiding driving on deeper water or ruts on the road is the best way of avoiding a loss in forward momentum and the resulting fuel economy. A 5% drop is not too bad (quite good actually) since some of us experience higher losses when you factor in snow and slush.



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    You can *feel* the extra

    You can *feel* the extra resistance when you hit a good sized puddle, it decellerates the car slightly.

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    MSantos is correct, but

    MSantos is correct, but there is even more. You are correct in assuming the aerodynamics change. Not only will the wet tires and road slow one down (the major culprit), the drag increases from the raindrops on the car's various surfaces (increases the car's surface area) and changes the aerodynamic characteristics. One could just avoid driving when it rains, but it is really hard explaining to the boss that you didn't come in to work because it rained and you needed to save gas.

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