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    Quit at hiway speeds

    My Prius has now stopped dead 2 times while driving at 65 mph. Lucky that no one was tailgating.

    The car would not shut off and the axillary battery then died while I was waiting to be towed. The hazard lights went off when the battery died.

    The first time the car worked fine after the battery was recharged and no further problems were identified.

    6 weeks later it happened again and the car is now at the dealership.

    Any similar problems?

    Any information I can give to the dealer who seems to be at a loss the explain the problem ?


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    Entire Prius computer system

    Entire Prius computer system is operated by the 12v battery. If there is a problem in the 12v system, it cripples the entire car.

    Most "ordinary" cars notice a 12v battery problem because the car starter puts a FANTASTIC load on the 12v battery when starting.

    so when the 12v battery starts to go bad, the car starts slowly or not at all.

    Prius does not use 12v starter, car ICE engine starts on the 200v propulsion battery.

    Several prevous posts by people because either the 12v battery went bad, or the 12v charging system went bad, and the whole car died.

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