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    buying a used HCH

    I'm investigating an '05 manual transmiission HCH w/75k miles on it. Other than the obvious battery warranty concern (only 5K left!) what else should I be concerned with? the owner swears most of the miles are highway miles whiich I understand may not necessarily be all good with the battery charging, but good otherwise.

    advice, comments, concerns?

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    If it is mostly highway

    If it is mostly highway driven then this is definitely a BIG plus. Mostly City driving is worse for the battery pack.

    I would look at the catalytic converter and its condition, EGR valve and O2 sensors. If one or more of these have already been replaced then great, if they have not then it pays to look into this area before committing to the purchase.
    Evidence of a dealer service history is usually worth a few more points since that points to qualified quality work having been done and greater probability of higher quality OEM parts. Not only that, but the "hidden" condition of the car will also depend how regularly the service was performed.



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