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Thread: IMA light

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    I have a 2009 HCH only has

    I have a 2009 HCH only has 24K miles on it and my IMA light came on this morning. Taking it to Honda tonight!!! Thank goodness I got the extendend warranty!

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    IMA stands for Inegrated

    IMA stands for Inegrated Motor Assist

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    Unhook reg battery and wait

    Unhook reg battery and wait 30 mins then reconnect battery.

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    Was experiencing IMA and

    Was experiencing IMA and Engine light illuminated. Disconnected regular battery, waited 30 mins and reconnected. Problem solve MPG increased immediately and ECO sensor and IMA worked better than before.

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    you are definately stuck at

    you are definately stuck at those hefty repair cost. man, you should complaint on that, the cost shouldn't get that high. check out here 2012 Car Reviews Line , maybe you will find something valuable to help your problems

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    I have just read this bog -

    I have just read this bog - thank god i found it. I have the same exact story - 2003 HCH just passed 150K and IMA and check engine light came on. At this point the car is worth less than the $3000 it would cost to fix it, and I would like to just drive it into the ground before I have to shell out for a new one. My question is - has anyone who has had the IMA/check engine combo come on had a total breakdown (the car, I mean ) or anything unsafe happen? I don't care about reduced mileage or a little engine drag - i just want to know if I can get a few more months out of this car without ending up on the side of the road with a dead car.


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    Hello, Interested to see


    Interested to see your comment. I have the same issue with IMA and engine lights. Dealer did a software update, but the lights come back the second day. Just curious how your experiment with disconnecting the battery goes...Thanks!

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    I've been reading all your

    I've been reading all your problems and hope this info will help some of you>

    Most of you seem to be having IMA and check engine light issues on cars that aren't worth the hefty $3000 fix. Before you get taken for a ride,, here's what to do. The Honda systems give spook codes once a while due to little shorts in the system or even a change of gas type for some reasons Honda has yet to explain.

    >to reset IMA light> turn car off, remove key, in fuse box under the hood just above the 12v battery (regular battery) remove fuse #9 labelled 10 amp, which is located at the corner-most bottom right position of the 3X3 fuses in the middle of the console, for 60 seconds. re-insert fuse and star engine (IMA light should now be off) rev engine at about 3500 - 4000 rpm for about 5 minutes while in "park" position, until the IMA battery is almost full, then let engine idle (run) for 10 minutes to re-learn. drive around the block and park.

    >to reset check engine light> disconnect 12v battery for 30 minutes (negative cable first) then re-connect (negative cable first).

    Hope this helps.

    These resets will help determine if the problem is persistent (if lights eventually come back) at which point you should look into getting a replacement battery. These cars have a very good fuel economy so the investment in the end will pay off if the rest of the car can last the extra 100K miles.

    Good Luck.

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    I've had the IMA and check

    I've had the IMA and check engine light combo recently and was told to replace the IMA battery, i refused and have reset all my lights personally (no one else will do it for free) and will wait to see if they re-appear.

    read my post in the blog for info on how to do it yourself.

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    I've done the resets and so

    I've done the resets and so far so good (touch wood)

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