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Thread: IMA light

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    I bought a 2004 Honda Civic

    I bought a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid about three weeks ago from the dealer. The check engine light came on when we were about 10 miles from our house the night that we bought the car and brought it home. The dealer asked us to take it back to him, and he had it updates, which cleared out the check engine light. We picked the car back up from him about a week and a half ago, and haven't had any problems until tonight. The check engine light, the battery light, and the IMA lights all came on tonight. In addition, I was watching the battery monitors and it didn't assist, charge, or have any battery life at all on my way home tonight. Any suggestions? There is no warranty on this car, as we bought it from a small dealership and he doesn't do warranties. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    I live in the UK.. I see

    I live in the UK.. I see that the majority of people posting on here are from usa etc....

    We had a recall on our HCH 2006 in February this year on the battery. Apparently it needed replacing as it would appear the original battery had a manufacture fault. So it was recalled, and battery was changed. Didnt know if thats of any use.. or if we are ahead or behind the states in terms of recalls....

    Anyway, my problem is nothing to do with the IMA Light.

    I have a brake management light that keeps coming on. According to the manual it says leak in the system, brake fluid or brake pads need checking... All have been checked and checked again, brake pads were replaced. Dealer cleared the codes, and still it comes on... Not on the first journey of the day though... The first journey is always fine... its after that.. Sometimes it comes on as soon as you touch the brake, sometimes it doesnt come on until you are braking for a length of time...

    Anyone else had this issue and found the remedy for it, before we take it back to the dealer for them to try various things, costing us a fortune to only find out that hasnt worked either.

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    Oh ignore my question here

    Oh ignore my question here about the brake management light, I just signed up and started a new forum topic about... No point posted your answers twice.

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    I have a 2004 Honda Civic

    I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid (original owner), and my IMA light went on today at 74K miles. I have been reading this forum and others like it, all with varying reports of warranty information. Then I went to Honda's site which listed all the warranty info pretty clearly:

    The warranty for 2004 HCH is shown as 10yrs/150K miles. I haven't called the Honda dealer yet, but I'm hoping there aren't any troubles getting it done for free, since it's on their own website after all.

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    hi ! i have just bought 2003

    hi !

    i have just bought 2003 honda 119k mile this morning , drive about 1hours then IMA light and engine light both come out , i have drive back to the dealer , he told me he will fix to me tomolo , what to you think ? what should i do ? he told me i can change anothe car suzuki forenza 2006 with 74k mile , should i change it or let them repair for me ? we are just came from oversea , we dont have much money also , please help !!!

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    @sean song 1 Hour of driving

    @sean song
    1 Hour of driving and got light on is not acceptable unless you bought is “as is” condition. 03.. It could’ve been then the dealer has you by your neck. Welcome here.. Wherever you came from. And wherever here is.. Should bought none hybrid and shopped around.

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    Do not keep it. The dealer

    Do not keep it. The dealer knows what is going on and is just trying to dump you with continuous problems so they can get it off their lot and into a service dept to make more money off you. Run while you can.

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    OK, here is some information

    OK, here is some information about getting a software upgrade on your 2004 civic hybrid. We got the O2 sensor update then 3 days later the IMA and CEL light came on. I checked the codes (1600 1433) and reset it. Every thing was fine again (no recalls, etc). Then 2 weeks later the complete IMA system went off line with the IMA and CEL lights on with the only code of 1600.

    Went to the dealer and found out the O2sensor update was a 2 phase update with only the first part applied. The dealer told admitted to the mistake and re-applied both updates. The car (so far) is now back to normal.

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    I have an IMA light and

    I have an IMA light and check engine light on and the dealer in Florida is offering me a half price special of 1200 to replace the battery that he claims the manufacturer offers for vehicles under 12okm. My 04 HCH has 119km. I wanted to wait until January because of taxes but they said no that the deal would then be 2400to replace it at that time. I already replaced the CC with the same lights on. I am going to autozone today and get the codes read. The car does sit in the summer for a month to 2 months. Shady yard but Florida! Performance is good except that the gas mileage is not what it was when I bought it.
    Any advice?

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    2003 HCH (200k) original

    2003 HCH (200k) original owner.
    The IMA light 1st came on just past 100k, Honda replaced the battery. So now at 200k, my IMA/CEL comes on occasionally. Three times so far. The IMA goes off later the same day or the next. The CEL will stay on for another day or so. I have not needed to disconnect the battery to reset them. Not sure if it still has the software or was flashed. The car hasn't been to a Honda dealer since 120k. The only thing I can think of that Honda could do to the software to "extend the life" of the battery is to lower the voltage threshold and wait for more battery cells to die before giving a warning.
    At this point, I'm not giving Honda $4500 to replace the battery on a car with over 200k. I'm considering an after market battery which will be more like $2500, but I haven't seen any one comment on them.

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