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Thread: IMA light

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    Hi Kathy, You are right. My

    Hi Kathy,

    You are right. My car's IMA light was on and I took it to a mechanic. He checked the IMA battery and told me battery was no good any more and needed to be replaced. I took it to the dealer and they installed the upgrade software to avoid replacing my battery. Because of the software upgrade, the light is not on any more, but my car is driving only with the gas engine and it turned my mileage to garbage too. After reading all complain, I think I should file a law suit against the dealership that did not replace my battery. Everyone should do the same. the software upgrade is a scam to shut off the IMA light to avoid replacing the battery . Good Luck and keep me posted.


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    Have an 03 Hybrid, IMA ans

    Have an 03 Hybrid, IMA ans Engine light been on for about 10 months now. Just starting to see problems with engine drag and poor charging. Dealer told me that when IMA battery goes out that the car will cease to run. Anyone know if this is just bull or true. Been reading post and think im gonna have it checked by a dealer but am not paying much to fix it, just to have more problems down the road.

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    Just curious - are you the

    Just curious - are you the original owner? And how many miles are on your car? I'm amazed if you're still on the original battery and have typical mileage for an 03. Small consolation but at least you got 4 more years of use out of your car than us 2007 owners! In any case, if your battery is still under warranty, insist on getting it replaced and DON'T accept a software upgrade (altho I think they just do that for 06 thru 08).

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    When I get around to it

    When I get around to it (soon I hope), I will write letters to BBB, Honda America, etc., as suggested by the Facebook page "Honda Corporation Has no Honda". There are copies of his letters than we can modify as necessary for our individual situation. If Honda America, the BBB and National Highway Safety Board, etc., get enough written, formal complaints, maybe Honda will finally do the right thing, or maybe the BBB, etc., will realize that Honda IS at fault.

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    If your IMA light comes on

    If your IMA light comes on DO NOT get the software update. It is obvious what the upgrade does. It reduces the cars dependence on the battery and immediately drops your gas mileage. They will not take the software update off and it will decrease your mpg by approx 5-6. Mine went down immediately from 42 to 37. Nice update huh? Just Honda trying to decrease the dependence of the car on the battery so that they will not have to warranty it. I would do the same if I owned Honda and wanted to make a big profit but I can tell you one thing... I will not be buying another.

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    I have 120000 plus miles on

    I have 120000 plus miles on it. cant complain. still get between 38 and 42 mpg. kinda scared of taking it to the dealer, been drivin with the IMA light on for about 8 months now. Only problem i really have is tha the battery rins down fster. it will re-charge but takes a little more and it hates city driving. that is when the battery really goes down fast.

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    I have a 2007 Honda Accord

    I have a 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid. I purchased my car new Sept 2007. I recently hit 73,333 miles. Since May 2009 (the car had less than 35K miles on it) my check engine light has gone on and off. The error codes were PO300, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306 (all 6 cylinders misfiring). (This is the constant codes that appear.) The car was driving absolutely fine. They performed a Fuel injector service and charged me $130. (Mistake on my part yes, just giving background info.)

    Fast forward to June 2010, (yes all the while mysterious check engine appearing and then disappearing) I get fed up with this and bring it to the dealer again and they give me a courtesy car and perform a software update (Service Bulletin 10-007 2/3/10). No charge. Note- at this point ONLY the check engine light has come on, no IMA light.

    January 2011 I was at dealer for an oil change and mentioned the "mysterious" light has been visiting me again and they said it might be a sensor which would require time with the car locating the one that needs to be fixed (all costing me money). The car works fine so I disregard.

    I have a case with Honda Customer Service. Basically they said (latest conversation was Feb 2011) the dealer did the software update- that didn't work; they suggested time with it to see if it is a sensor so if I do not listen to them, or go to another dealer and get a second opinion than Customer Service can't help. So basically I need to shell out the money first and then MAYBE they will continue to listen to my story.

    Present day- for the first time the check engine light AND the IMA came on. Took it to the dealer, they made an appt for next week when they can give me a courtesy car. They said since I already got the update, I might need a new battery, but that it would be covered under warranty.

    (I am sorry about the long story) My question is....since my constant indicator has been only the check engine light and this is the first time out of probably 25x the light coming on that it includes the IMA...do you think my issue might be more a sensor than the battery? Since the battery will be $0, I am thinking of letting them do it, but if the check engine light comes on again after that, I can conclude it is a sensor. (right?)

    Any suggestions/advice would be SO appreciated! Direct email jcolorfulgardens at aol dot com

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    Had the software gig

    Had the software gig done.....of course it hurt mileage, but I could still live with vehicle...............until last sunday when we were cruising down I-10 at 65 mph,and car just shuts off..........thought that was what voltage regulator was suppose to prevent........have only 48k on vehicle,and am looking to trade YESTERDAY! Honda sales mgr. has some nerve! just about like we're imagining the problem! Plan on not letting this dangerous situation go...........any suggestions?.........already had 1 good one............

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    Any help for AZ?? I live in

    Any help for AZ??

    I live in Arizona and my IMA light just came on at 84,000 miles on my 08' civic hybrid. Because of the extreme heat in AZ and other southern states I was wondering if there are any lawsuits that have made Honda extend their warranty on their batteries on other states besides CA?? Batteries do not last long here.

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    I bought the Carmd tester

    I bought the Carmd tester the other day. I plugged it in tonight to see what it said before I go to the dealer tomorrow for oil change and tire rotation. It stated that the check engine light was off. But it also gave me code U9928 F-Can Malfunction, and stated that I needed to have the hybrid intergrated motor assist replaced. The car is a 2007 HCH with just over 90,000 miles. I bought it new, and I live in Lancaster Ohio and I think I understood that they extended my warranty to 100,000 miles due to a lawsuit. I have not lights on and it appears to be charging. They flashed the computer a couple of years ago and my mileage tanked. I am getting 38 mpg. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

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