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Thread: IMA light

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    Hi! I also have 06 Hybrid

    I also have 06 Hybrid and the IMA light came on at 83K miles. I wonder should I bring it to the dealer or just ignore the problem. What happened to your card? Did the update work?

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    2004 Honda Hybrid 114,616

    2004 Honda Hybrid 114,616 miles, my IMA light came on for the first time on Sunday. I took it to a Honda dealer on Tuesday. I wast told the the secondary cataltic converter and oxygen sensors 1 and 2 have failed, the cost $1,777. My Uncle Bill told me that if the converter is bad, that I should here something rattling around when I first start the engine up. He also suggested that maybe only the sensors need be replaced.

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    My grandaughter graduated

    My grandaughter graduated this year and plans to go away to college in August and needed a car. Three days ago I purchased a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid with over 200k miles. Because the car had only one owner (according to the seller) and it gets great MPG, I thought it was be the prefect. The seller wanted $3900. but sold it to me for $3600. During test drive I noticed that the check engine light was on and brought it to his attention. There were no other lights on at that time. He said the light was not a problem and he would get the light off and take car through Maryland inspection if I was seriously interested in purchase. He inspected the car and there was no light when I made the purchase then, one day later, both the check engine light and the IMA light came on and he's not willing to help with either. What can or should I do. I believe he intentionally stuck me with a car he knew had problems. Any help?

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    I've gone through 3

    I've gone through 3 convertors due to my engine light on my Honda Accorrd '05 Hybrid turning on. Each time they were covered under warranty. I just recently went over 150k and don't want to deal with this issue out of my own pocket.
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    My IMA light just came on on

    My IMA light just came on on my 2006 Civic, I did get a recall notice that the software needed to be unpdated but I hadnt done anything because the last time I got a recall notice and called the dealer they said they didn't know of a recall and brushed me off. So I guess I should have gotten the software update even if I had to push them to pay attention to me. I sure hope they will do it for free and that it fixes my problem. The Lord knows I don't have $3000 to get a new battery. Someone please tell me they had good experience with the software update.

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    I have 03 HCH as well and my

    I have 03 HCH as well and my IMA light just came on at 124,000 miles. I took into the dealer and they stated that it would be $2400 to replace the battery and blue book value is at $5000. My dad suggested that I just drive it, since I have not had any issues out of the car. Your post as made me feel better about following his advice.

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    I have a 2003 Civic Hybrid

    I have a 2003 Civic Hybrid with 128,000 miles on it.

    My IMA light has been coming on and going off now for a while. I was told by my dealer that the batteries were starting to fail, but the car still functions just fine.

    As far as the check engine light, my hybrid also has issues with that as well, however I found it was caused by getting fuel with ETHANOL in it versus NO Ethanol.

    We took a trip to Minnesota and my car started to get almost 50 mpg. i stopped in and asked a gas station if their gas had ethanol in it. They said NO. No wonder I was getting such good gas mileage.

    On the way back to Kansas, my check engine light came on. Took it to the dealer they said it was a bad sensor. I said to them how I had been using REAL gas up in Minnesota and when I got closer to home and ethanol it came on. They said go a tank or two longer on the "bad" gas and see if the light goes out.

    Sure enough the light went out never to be seen again.

    Good luck- still wondering about my IMA light though.

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    I have read that you needed

    I have read that you needed a catalytic converter change if ever. Try some good brands like Eastern Brand and the like. I'm sure that you can really get things done by changing it by a good thing. Hope that all is well by now.

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    Last week my IMA and Battery

    Last week my IMA and Battery lights came on when I stated my car. I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid with 46,746 miles. Called my Northwest Honda dealer in Maryland and they told me to bring it in. They ran it throught their testing equipment and said they could not find anything wrong. They charged me $105 for the testing. To date I have not seen a reoccurance of the problem. I know they disconnected the battery as the colck was not reset. I have a feeling I have not seen the end of this problem.

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    First, a benchmark of the

    First, a benchmark of the automobile. 2005 Civic Hybrid, 141k miles. Trip odometer reset, reading 250 miles at 41.6 mpg. A/C running and driven at interstate speeds. Been having recent trouble with intermittent IMA, Brake and ABS lights. Either all three are on, or all three off. The car has been experiencing dead batteries , both the IMA and standard 12 v system battery, when parked overnight. The 12v is new, as the previous had a bad cell, also during the IMA intermittent light problems.
    At the time of the trip odometer reset, I had just changed the CVT fluid and engine oil. I had started the car and allowed it to idle for about 15 minutes prior to the fluid changes. Shut off engine, placed on jack stands and slid under the car. Engine had not warmed enough to actuate the radiator fan thermostat switches. Outside air temp approx 80 degrees. While under the car about an hour later I heard what sounded like a relay cycling about every 20 seconds. I could not tell where under the hood it came from, but seemed loudest near the right front wheel, near what I presume is the assist/generator unit. Are there relays or some sort of contactor in this unit? I have read in other forums about an under hood IMA relay to remove to allow some sort of system reset, but no information as to it's exact location.
    Also there seems to ba a bit of uncertainty on all the posts that I have read as to what the IMA light actually indicates as far as a fault. Is there any way to pin down these symtoms without the dealer involved? Autozone sounds like a good bet, but the person I talked with said that the fault has to be 'on' in order for get a fault diagnostic code.

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