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Thread: IMA light

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    Hello all, I have a 2003 HCH

    Hello all,
    I have a 2003 HCH with IMA and check engine light on. I took it to autozone and it has the following codes P0420, p1600, p1639, p1634 and p1445. The car drives smooth, but the battery doesnt show to be charging nor assisting. I still get over 40 mpg. Autozone did not know what the codes meant so im hoping to find some answers before taking it to the dealer to have it checked out.

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    My situation is rather

    My situation is rather unique, because the "IMA and Check Engine Light" came on while a couple was on a rather extended (36 minutes) test drive for the 2004 HCH with 121,000 miles that I was selling.
    When I looked under the hood I noticed hand prints on the fuse box of a rather dirty engine.

    I serendipitously did the exact same thing of extracting, examining each and every fuse in the fuse box and it reset (corrected) the problem. I immediately took the car to Auto Zone and they hooked up the computer up for a OBD Check ( I have no ideal what that means) to look for any error codes.

    While I was expecting to find a MAP sensor error code ( I have no ideal what that means either).

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

    There were NO ERROR CODES.

    I do not know if the prospective buyers played with the fuse box or I might have a battery deteriorating. TEXAS HEAT EATS NORMAL CAR BATTERIES.

    Since the HCH is basically a computer with wheels the computer adage of when all else fails, REBOOT!

    It worked for me and hope it works for you!

    If the situation changes and the lights decide to turn on again, I will reboot the computer and post whether it works again.

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    I agree with you 100%. My

    I agree with you 100%. My hubby had a 2003 HCH with
    Died at 120k miles. He has a regular Civic now. I have
    A 2004 HCH with 84,000 miles and have the IMA light
    On along with engine light. Car is running fine. We just got
    Back from vacation and it hasnt been driven for almost a
    Week. Could that be the problem?

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    Will you sen me the adress

    Will you sen me the adress in brookly tank u

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    I know this was 2 years ago

    I know this was 2 years ago but perhaps you still like to know how to deal with this kind of situations. I can send you some info. Email me.....

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    I've always wanted to try

    I've always wanted to try hybrids too. But when my Inisight started throwing IMA messages, I decided to send it to www.allcars.com and have them deal with it. I'm so getting myself a new car!

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    IMA means Integrated Motor

    IMA means Integrated Motor Assist. It refers to the combination of the electric and petrol motor and the mechanism that chooses when to draw electric power to assist the small petrol motor, and how much power to draw.

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