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Thread: IMA light

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    I have a 2003 Honda Civic

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with 41,350 miles on it. Bought it and live in CA. For a few months, the IMA System Indicator Lamp and Malfunction Indicator Lamps have been on, and the IMA battery is clearly losing its ability to hold a charge, but the car still runs fine. Dealer told me IMA battery replacement will be $3500. Does anyone know if Honda Finance will finance it? (I'm assuming my warranty won't cover it.) I'd rather do that than finance a new or used car. I have no objections to replacing battery, good car, excellent workhorse, and can be towed with 4 wheels on the ground behind RV. Thanks.

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    I too have a 2003 HCH. It

    I too have a 2003 HCH. It has over 160,000 miles on it. The IMA came on 2 years ago, and I was told the same thing about replacing it, blah blah. Well, I can't afford to, so I didn't. I still get about 40 mpg (same as it's been for years, actually), the battery still charges, and I haven't really had any issues. In fact, the IMA light comes on, stays there for a few days, goes off. I won't see it for months, then it pops up and does the same thing. The exhaust light also comes on occasionally, then goes off (not the gas cap, I always check that). Anyway, I am planning to get a new car this summer, but seriously, I am not too concerned about the lights. My car still drives great, gets the same pretty good mileage (and the MPG still goes up into the mid-40s when I'm driving long-distance highway miles...) and I have no complaints. I don't think Honda really knows how long the battery will last. But I am gonna drive it until I find out!

    So Jocelyn, I'll let you know if I find out, and you let me know if you get there first!!

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    Thanks, CMD. In your

    Thanks, CMD. In your response to Jocelyn, you've partly answered my post, which is the one above your latest on the page. My IMA System Indicator Lamp and also my Malfunction Indicator Lamp (the one that looks like a silhouette of an engine) have been on steadily for quite a while. Sometimes the IMA battery is low enough the starter has to crank up the engine, but usually not, as long as I even just drive downtown and back every few days, or, oddly, if I leave it entirely undriven for a week or so. I had it in for a recall service a few weeks ago, they asked if I wanted them to check out the warning lights, I said they seemed to be on because of a slowly-dying IMA battery, and the guy just nodded. As I said in my post, I'll probably replace the battery instead of the car when it finally gives up the ghost, because it's a good little piece of equipment and I can flat-tow it (all 4 wheels on pavement) behind our motorhome.

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    My car has 107k miles and

    My car has 107k miles and the IMA light went on, I took my 2007 to the dealer and they replaced it with no charge. Clawson Honda in Fresno was very helpful, I directed them to this blog to show my concerns. They said it should last another 100k miles or so.

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    Hello Frank, How is the

    Hello Frank,
    How is the 'better battery' working out? I need to buy a hybrid battery and don't know if I should buy the regular or the upgrade.

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    I have a 2005 Honda Civic

    I have a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid with about 102k miles. I live in CA and the check engine and IMA lights just went on. I added HID lights to the headlights about 3 weeks ago. Should I remove these lights before going into the dealer?

    Would there be any issues having HID lights?

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    I have a 2005 HCH with

    I have a 2005 HCH with 190,000 miles on it, I was very impressed considering I usually drive diesels. The check engine light has been on almost a year with codes relating to the CC. My husband is a mechanic and has blown it off. Now my IMA light has been coming on and, of course, we dont want to spend $3500 on a battery. My question is... Has anyone had ANY negative affects from continuing to drive with the IMA light on? If we dont replace the battery, what happens? Does anyone know? If not... maybe there is no real issue here and Honda is looking to make extra cash...

    I live in Texas and am pretty sure cold weather isn't affecting the car. I want to privatly sell the car, but dont want whoever may purchase it to be in the same boat. I dont need it and am in no hurry to trade it in. Should I just take out the 12v batteries and cover/store it until im ready to trade in so the dealership has to deal with it??

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    I, too, have a 2009 HCH.

    I, too, have a 2009 HCH. What a great car it's been -- and continues to be. But, my check engine and IMA lights came on during an out of town trip after about 18 months of driving (approx 50K miles). Dealer updated software for me for free and mileage remained at about 50 mpg. Both lights recently came back on intermittently (121K miles now) so I took it to my local dealer (RSM Honda in SoCal) as it was also due for an oil change. Dealer pulled codes and confirmed that my battery is dying. A new one will be in in a couple of days and replacement is free. CA warranty is 150K miles. My mileage did drop to about 45 mpg with IMA light on and would return to 50+ mpg when it would go back out -- all on its on. One note: dealer said that my new battery will not extend my warranty by an additional 150K miles.
    I'll post again after my new battery is installed.

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    Besure to file a complaint

    Besure to file a complaint about the ima and batteries at the nhtsa under vehicle. https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/Vehicl...nt/index.xhtml

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    Hello, I have a 2005 Honda

    Hello, I have a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid with less than 46,000 miles on it. Today when I was moving it, street cleaning reason, I noticed that the Engine Light was on, the battery and the IMA was on as well. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I have not been driving it every day. Just, maybe once a week and just for like 10 min back and forth to my destination. Plus, there is no secret, it has been so cold here in San Francisco. Please help, I don't know if I should take it to the delear and If I have to pay if the battery needs to be replaced. Thank you.

    PS. The IMA reader is in low, so the battery has not charged at all. Is low.

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