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Thread: IMA light

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    My lights just came on also.

    My lights just came on also. 2004 HCH. First the Check Engine, then a few days later the IMA. Took it to Honda dealer nearby. They did the diagnosis for free, got codes P1600 and P1433. Car has just over 102,000. I had bought the car used (was leased previously) and got the Honda Car Care warranty, but that expired June 2011 & 100,000. Also got paperwork recently for Class Action Law Suite. It says the IMA battery warranty was extended 12,000 miles extra from Original (80,000), but I'm past that. Dealer says it will cost $2700 to replace. I asked them to Contact Honda to see if they would cover it, but I doubt the will. I'm going to call also. Did the 2 resets myself manually today & will see if the lights re-appear.

    As someone else asked.... what harm would come with NOT fixing the IMA Battery? Other than lower gas mileage?

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    just an update - my IMA

    just an update - my IMA light turned off about a week ago, and two days later the other light suddenly was not there when i started the car. i have been driving every day - i have a long commute, 60 miles each way, and thus far have neither seen nor felt anything different in the car - even the gas mileage doesn't seem to have been affected.

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    The IMA Light came on this

    The IMA Light came on this Wednesday for the 1st time. I have a 2005 Honda Hybrid with 112,300 miles. I called the dealership and they are supposed to see it Monday.

    After reading all the posts I am going to do the following:

    1. I am not getting the software upgrade. My MPG has been as stated when I bought it! No problems. You can't drive a Hybrid like a regular car. I don't baby it by any stretch of the imagination but I'm not out there doing jack rabbit starts, speeding like crazy, or slamming on the brakes. I not a hyper miler, but I do watch what causes my mileage to flux. So, I am been extremely happy with the mileage. No way is that upgrade going to turn this car into a gas car only. I had asked for the upgrade Monday but that is not happening now.
    2. I am going to have my hubby perform the unplug battery and the rest of the recommendations.
    3. Going over those 3 class settlement forms I got recently.
    4. Doing more research on this "mess". The dealership REALLY gets me mad and because I know exactly how you all feel about the line of bologna they give you. I have had it done to me.
    5. I was planning on driving this car 150 miles this weekend. The little dealership lady said they don't recommend it, but I could do it if I wanted. Well duh, I asked what would happen if I did, she said it might harm. I could tell it was a line. I got the impression the boys were out to an early lunch and she was covering her bases. After my husband does the disconnect battery stuff and the engine light (it's on too, but heck that thing goes on and off like a light switch (it's been looked at before).
    Therefore, I will let you know what happens. But I will be danged if I am giving those bloodsuckers more money.

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    This is exactly what we are

    This is exactly what we are going to do before going to the dealership before Monday.

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    2005- IMA lite with check

    2005- IMA lite with check eng - $3000 fix w possible Honda corps assist - how long can I drive before afu - just put 4k into both cat converters(front and back) - time for new vehicle z?...

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    Have an 03 HCH. Anyone know

    Have an 03 HCH. Anyone know where I can have an IMA battery repaired? I live in Kentucky. Email me at levram1@aol.com Thanks.

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    Some answers to questions in

    Some answers to questions in this thread:

    To be eligible for the 150 k warranty for the IMA battery, your car has to have been certified to the PZEV standard, easily identifiable by the sticker in the left back window and on the doorwell. If your vehicle says "ULEV" instead you are out of luck. PZEV started as a requirement in CA, but Honda made a business decision to not certify to that standard in other states (probably because they knew it would end up costing them warranty dollars). Nonetheless, PZEV warranty extension applies to all 50 states. So if you bought a PZEV Civic in CA, but now live in MA, you are still covered.

    To reset IMA and check engine lights, you can also take the car to most any auto parts store and ask them to "Do a scan" (most will do it for free, I know AutoZone does) and then erase the codes. Usually a lot easier than pulling the battery for 30 minutes, and you get the codes to boot. You should keep track of those anyway for diagnostic purposes.

    Note that when it comes to the IMA light, there are also "sub codes" also known as "blink codes" which the scanner won't pick up. The sub codes will tell you if your problem is a battery cell overheating or something else. To get them, you have to jump two pins on the OBD port under the dash on the drivers side. Do a Google search for IMA SubCodes blink obd.

    Finally, if you want to have your battery repaired, there is a place in Brooklyn, NY that will do it. They are used to shipping all over the country, and can work with your local mechanic on the logistics. Google "hybrid battery repair". To repair your battery apparently can take a few weeks (they have to balance the packs), but they can send you a special board that allows you to drive without your battery until you get it back. The only impact will be slow pickup and lousy mileage. No damage to car. They also sell a "better battery" that is a brand new unit with more power than stock. I just ordered one of those for myself, so I can speak a little more intelligently about it when I get it in a month or so.

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    I have a 2006 Honda Civic

    I have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid automatic and I have a general question about hybrid car.

    Will the hybrid still run if the hybrid battery dies? I mean it has a 1.3L gas engine right?

    Anyone knows the answer?

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    Thank you for all of your

    Thank you for all of your time!

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    The car will run. This civic

    The car will run. This civic is a "micro" hybrid, where it does have a electric motor ran from a separate battery, called the traction battery. Micro hybrids use the electric motor more like a turbo, that boosts as you push the gas, and recharges while you coast or brake. When you stop, the vehicle shuts off, but the motor is not strong enough to move the car by itself. Honda also has added vtec but "reversed" on this car, where as you slow down additionally three of the intake valves close and it also shuts off the gas to those three cylinders, further more saving gas. Ford and toyota are regular hybrids that have two electric motors, one used as the "turbo" and the other is bigger, which CAN move the car when the motor is shut off. So yes the car will run on only the regular gas motor, which it DOES have, but the regular 12V battery may have problems, unless you remove the fuse for the IMA motor so it just "chills" and doesnt work

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