My lights just came on also. 2004 HCH. First the Check Engine, then a few days later the IMA. Took it to Honda dealer nearby. They did the diagnosis for free, got codes P1600 and P1433. Car has just over 102,000. I had bought the car used (was leased previously) and got the Honda Car Care warranty, but that expired June 2011 & 100,000. Also got paperwork recently for Class Action Law Suite. It says the IMA battery warranty was extended 12,000 miles extra from Original (80,000), but I'm past that. Dealer says it will cost $2700 to replace. I asked them to Contact Honda to see if they would cover it, but I doubt the will. I'm going to call also. Did the 2 resets myself manually today & will see if the lights re-appear.

As someone else asked.... what harm would come with NOT fixing the IMA Battery? Other than lower gas mileage?